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Majoring in accounting, finance or economics? You could win a partial scholarship with Xero

Posted 4 years ago in Xero news by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

It’s that time again – Xero is offering a $5,000 scholarship to accounting, economics and finance majors in the United States. You’ve got one week left to enter, so get your application together now!


How does Xero’s accounting, finance and economics scholarship work?

In short, anyone majoring in one of the the subjects above is invited to apply for the scholarship. You need to be a US resident and currently enrolled at an American university.

High school students are also welcome to apply – we’ll just need to see your college acceptance letter.

You can get all the information you need over at – don’t forget, the deadline is at the end of the month.

What should my application look like?

As you’ll see on the scholarship information page, applicants need to submit a transcript, a letter of recommendation and an essay. The latter forms the most important part of your application, so we recommend you take a look at our past winners’ articles to get an idea of what we’re looking for:

Find out more

If you have any questions that aren’t covered on the scholarship information page, reach out to us via

People in the accounting and finance industries are really valued by all of us at Xero – they form a crucial part of what we do. We want to encourage as many bright young minds as possible to succeed in accounting, bookkeeping, economics and finance careers – so good luck!

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