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Xero Gravity: The spirit of having entrepreneurial mentors

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Get ready for one inspiring episode on Xero Gravity this week as we uncover the power of small business mentorship. Courtney Symons, Partner Marketing manager at Shopify and JD Crouse, Principal of Bolder Band are huge advocates of learning from mentors.

Courtney recognizes how valuable mentorship is to small business from her involvement in Shopify’s Build A Business competition. JD, a former winner of the competition, has learned lessons from mentorship that will stay with him for life.

“What we found to be really valuable were some of the guests that we’d brought into the mix, like Tim Ferriss. There is more value in sitting down with him than in the actual monetary prize. We recently eliminated the money aspect and we focused entirely on the mentorship aspect of the competition, because that was what really resonated with our winners,” explains Courtney.


Courtney and JD chat to Xero Gravity hosts Gene Marks and Elizabeth Ü about the spirit of entrepreneurial mentors and how failing fast is the quickest way to success.

“In addition to mentors being helpful in pointing out your blind spots or bringing in resources or connections that the small business owner themselves might not have, I do think there is something really helpful about having that level of humility that you’re asking for help.”
– Elizabeth Ü

“There are a lot of spaces online that are absolutely free to access where you can just ask questions. Not even to necessarily established celebrity-style mentors, but peers that may have just gone through something similar. You can ask for some mentorship and not pay a penny.
– Courtney Symons

“I would tell my 20-year-old self to just make those mistakes faster. In other words, fail fast. Just get it over with because the road to success, whatever success means for you, you’re going to have a lot of failure. Some of them big, some of them small but knowing what I know today, the little failures, even some of the big failures, they’re really inevitable on the road to success.”
– JD Crouse

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If you loved this episode, check out one from last week on succession planning. You can subscribe to Xero Gravity on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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