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The lowdown on small business and beautiful accounting software

Posted 4 years ago in Xero news by Ashleigh Lambert

Linda Lewis, the host of Share Radio‘s documentary series Company Casebook, went to Xerocon London last week and got the lowdown on what makes Xero the world’s most innovative growth company.

In this half hour podcast, Linda speaks to Xero UK MD Gary Turner, Founder & CEO Rod Drury and CMO Andy Lark at Xerocon London.

The programme covers auto enrolment and tax digitisation, along with the company’s latest big business link-ups with Barclays and Microsoft.

And in the share-all interview, the three execs chat about where Xero came from and where it’s headed, as well as covering the tactical marketing strategy behind Xero’s impressive growth.


“Ordinary mortals may not normally utter the words beautiful and accounting in the same breath,” she says, “but that’s exactly the marketing pitch from Xero a New Zealand based firm that set out to revolutionise the way small businesses look after the financials ten years ago with what they call beautiful accounting software.”

Listen online now to hear the full-length programme.

Company Casebook is a half-hour business documentary series that goes behind the scenes of the most interesting companies – both large and small – looking for the human stories behind the financial numbers and analysing the who, why, where, what and when of business at the sharp end.

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