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Data is the fuel of our future

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We will empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, it’s a vision both Xero and Microsoft share.

Speaking at Xerocon in London today, Microsoft Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin explained that “data is the fuel of our future”. If we let it, it will completely change how we work.

However, to get the full benefit of machine learning and big insights, we need to first change how we work.

“We’re addicted to processes,” Coplin said. Adding that clearing your inbox doesn’t mean you’re productive. It’s a process and not an outcome, and we need to be more focused on outcomes. If we start with what we want to achieve, we will actually become more productive.

“If we use it in old-fashioned ways, the only choice we have is not to work smarter, but to work harder,” he said.


Xero today announced our new integration with business analytics tool Microsoft Power BI, to deliver more big data solutions for small businesses.

“The key to moving small businesses forward is ensuring they have access to the right tools, no matter their size,” Xero chief product officer Angus Norton said at Xerocon London today.

“Xero is continually embracing new innovations and opportunities for our small business users, and partnering deeply with one of the world’s most loved Data Visualization BI for business makes total sense to us.”

The Xero data pack, available in March, enables small business owners to monitor their operations and get answers quickly with rich analytics available on every device.

“When you have lots of data, it changes things. When you have lots of data, the answers to the questions that you have asked yourselves for years and years changes,” Coplin said.

“Data will be everything. Everyone in your organization needs to understand how it works. They don’t need to be data scientists, but the tools are getting easier to use and they need to understand it.”

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