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Xero Gravity: 10 Smart New Year’s resolutions for small business and how to keep them

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As a small business owner, chances are the line that separates your professional and personal lives is blurred. Why not use 2016 as a chance to set some boundaries once and for all? Join us to get insight into what resolutions you can implement to improve your business in the new year.

This week in Xero Gravity, hosts Gene Marks and Elizabeth Ü talk top 10 business resolutions with Michelle Garcia, founder of Heirloom Catering, Denver, Colorado and Jeremy Smith who heads up the Block Small Business division at H&R Block, Kansas City, Missouri.

Heirloom Catering

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Michelle explains how her business – now in its third year – is finally coming out of its “survival” period. She’s also planning on completely overhauling her bookkeeping. “In 2016, there’s no excuse not to have streamlined bookkeeping” she says.

After working with small businesses on a daily basis, Jeremy’s key advice to business owners is to start 2016 by creating a 12-month plan. He outlines the importance of finding and hiring experts to shed light on areas you may find challenging. “You’ll spend about a year-and-a-half learning lessons that you otherwise would have learned in a month if you outsource areas outside of your expertise,” says Jeremy.

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