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Welcome to the first episode of Developer TV

Posted 4 years ago in Tech by Dan Young
Posted by Dan Young

In the Developer Platform team we are obsessed with the developer experience. We want people to interact with our API and create awesome integrations that small businesses love. To cement our place as THE developer ecosystem to be part of, we need to constantly challenge ourselves and try new things. Thus, Developer TV was born.

Developer TV is a revamp of the Developer Hangout that we run each month. This is where the Developer Platform team talk about the latest releases of the API, information on the latest add-on partners to the ecosystem, integrations we love and it’s also a chance for us to answer any questions that viewers have.

We’re using real cameras, we have new legit interviews with Add-on partners, an “as live” studio anchor experience and all the normal quality content that developers want to know about such as the Release Desk and Q&A. The difference here is that these segments will be pre-recorded “as live” and will be inserted during the edit. We have music as well! It has a lot higher production value and certainly brings a more #beautiful face to the API team. Well, more beard anyway.

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