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Technology has completely changed the way successful entrepreneurs operate

Posted 5 years ago in Small business by Gary Turner
Posted by Gary Turner

Technology isn’t just changing the way we work and communicate, it’s completely transforming the way we think and solve problems.

The idea of entrepreneurship has been around for decades but since the Global Financial Crisis it’s been pushed back to the forefront of business. Having an entrepreneurial spirit is something big corporations and small businesses alike, are striving to establish internally and project to the wider world.

Many of the world’s largest corporations have, in recent years, launched startup programs, funding entrepreneurship as a means to draw on the agile, blue sky thinking method to further their own ventures.

The heightened interest in entrepreneurial thinking, and the impact technology has had on it, has changed what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is global. Technology means the ideas, innovations and jobs that are generated by entrepreneurs have a global impact. An entrepreneur in New Zealand isn’t confined to that country, she has the potential to solve global problems and reach a global market.

Entrepreneurs don’t all look like Mark Zuckerberg. In 2015 this should go without saying, but women can be entrepreneurs too. An entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily look like Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg. Women make up half the world’s population – that’s a huge innovation opportunity, if we can encourage more of them to think like entrepreneurs. We need to get up, get on with it and not let sex be an issue. There’s plenty of data showing diverse teams create better solutions and are more successful.

It’s all about the customer experience. These days with platforms like Yelp, Twitter and Facebook, a bad customer experience can sink a company. This means entrepreneurs have had to evolve what customer service means and come up with new ways to delight clients. They’ve realized customer loyalty is essential for a healthy bottom line and for establishing a business that is sustainable in the long term.

Communication is half the battle. Entrepreneurs are direct and passionate. It’s in their nature to push the world forward and they are known to speak up, especially when they don’t agree with something. Technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to have their voices heard and influence conversations. It’s also leveled the playing field, you can reach out to some of the world’s best business people – and get a response – just by tweeting at them.

The other half if knowing when to tune out the noise. Having an entrepreneurial mind and pushing to hit your goals in the “always on” world that we live in can be exhausting. Successful entrepreneurs know how to tune out all the periphery noise and focus in on their priorities. It’s a skill which can be learned and it’s one that needs to be perfected by today’s entrepreneurs so they don’t burn out. Xero’s recent Make or Break? Report showed successful entrepreneurs don’t work around the clock. The ones who are doing well value their personal time and see stepping away from work as an essential component of their success.

The pace of technological change has changed the way entrepreneurs operate and they need to be able to adapt quickly in order to survive and be successful in this global business world.


Di Crawford-Errington
November 25, 2015 at 7.08 am

Great post Gary. It is so much easier to speak out now than it ever was. Wr just need to watch what message we are giving out. nz

November 26, 2015 at 5.40 am

Excellent article Gary! We also really enjoyed the Make or Break Report. We love working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. They have a drive and passion for their business and are extremely innovative.
Recently we wrote a blog post on the top small business financial questions, which can be found here: We thought this might be useful when it’s read along with this article. Thanks again for posting this!

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