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Pick your own path to stay certified with Xero U credits

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We’ve recently made a change to how our partners maintain their  certification on Xero through Xero U. Rather than doing an exam once a year to maintain certification, our partners will now complete ongoing education courses to earn credits toward retaining their certification.

No longer will you need to take a test each year that may not apply to what you do on a daily basis in Xero, instead we designed a way for you to be able to take the education that helps you grow in your knowledge in the areas that are most important to you.  Once on Xero U, choose the curriculum path that is most applicable to the role that you have in your practice and earn credits toward retaining your certification as you complete each course that have credits denoted next to it.

You have the option to take courses live through webinars that will have assigned ongoing education credits, as well as self-paced content that is available for credits as well. The content is designed to provide you best practices in creating a practice in the cloud. Much of the content has been contributed or is being presented by our most expert accounting and bookkeeping partners that work with Xero in their practice.

What can I expect if I’m a partner?

If you’re one of our partners you should have received an email from us about your current status and what you should do next.

  • If you are not yet certified or your certification has expired – you’ll need to complete your initial Certification course and exam, each year thereafter to remain certified, you’ll need to earn 20 XU Credits over that  12 month period to maintain your Certification
  • If you are already Certified – you’ve been given 12 months from October 27th of this year to collect your 20 XU Credits. Pick courses that are denoted with the star next to them in Xero U that have Xero U Credits attached to them. You have the full 12 months to complete the credits – so you can choose the courses that you would enjoy taking that will help you in your job and enhance your knowledge of Xero.

What if I’m not a partner yet?

If you’re interested in becoming a Xero partner, welcome! We’d love to chat to you about it. You can reach out to us at to talk about how to join us.

What’s next?

We’re strive to continue to make your experience even better with the education available on Xero U. Our goal is to to create  engaging and enriching content that offers you value on your journey through Xero and helps you create successful relationships with your clients. Watch this space for more things to come!

If you’d like to find out more about Certification and XU Credits, please visit our Help Centre.

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