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6 things small business owners need to know in tech this week

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The proliferation of mobile, tablets and ubiquitous internet have all helped small businesses improve efficiency by designing products which enable you to run your operations from anywhere, at any time. 

Here’s what small business owners can learn from the big tech news this week.

  1. It looks like Slack is hitting one of its main goals – to cull interoffice emails. The company, which makes it easier to communicate with your co-workers, surveyed a bunch of its users and found they send a whopping 48.6 percent less emails. More here.
  1. A day in their shoes. Facebook is slowing its internet speeds right down to 2G every Tuesday, so employees understand what it’s like to work in emerging markets like India. Most phones in the US run on 3G or 4G. On slower connections, like 2G, websites can take minutes to load. There’s more over at Business Insider.
  1. Apple has struck a deal with American Express to take its Apple Pay global. After launching the tap and pay phone platform in October last year, the deal will see it roll out in Australia, Canada, Singapore and Spain. The tech company made the announcement during its Q3 earnings report this week. For the period it posted revenue of $51.5 billion, up 38% year-on-year and net income of $11.1 billion. Apple sold 48.05 million iPhones,  5.71 million Macbooks and 9.88 million iPads.
  1. Companies around the world are looking at how drones can make their operations more efficient. Australia’s postal operator is even looking at whether the flying robots can deliver your packages. More here.
  1. Universities aren’t gearing graduates up with the right entrepreneurial skills to support small business. One way to improve innovation is by helping small business owners, and their advisors, use data to get a better reading on what’s going on in their companies. Xero head of accounting, James Solomons, has more here.
  1. Amazon is reportedly looking at launching its own shopping channel which would let customers purchase straight off the screen. According to GeekWire, Amazon will roll out the shopping channel during 2016.


Heather Smith
October 31, 2015 at 4.17 pm

Facebook is slowing its internet speeds right down to 2G every Tuesday, so employees understand what it’s like to work in emerging markets like India. …That is very understanding of Facebook.

If Xero was too do a similar exercise – I would like the designers to look at Xero through a PC every Tuesday. In fifteen years as a consultant 90% of my small business clients use a PC. The ones who don’t mainly are the creatives. If would be good for the designers to get an appreciation of how Xero looks and feels for the PC market.

James Solomons
November 1, 2015 at 12.00 pm

You have lost me Heather ! I use both a PC (Surface Pro) and a Mac (Macbook Air) using Google Chrome and Xero is the same ? No difference in functionality for me or for any of my clients.

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