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Why choosing the right accountant can make or break your business

Posted 5 years ago in Small business by Guest
Posted by Guest

This guest blog is written by Laura Beatrix from MarketInvoice, one of our add-on partners. It marks the launch of the new ebook, The Accountancy Clinic which has been created in partnership with Xero, KPMG and Receipt Bank.

With accounting there is not a one size fits all solution. However, research shows that business owners spend a lot of their time doing general admin tasks. This includes accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This keeps them from focusing on things that really matter, like growth opportunities. Having a good understanding of your business’ financial position is important. But passing the reporting and hard graft over to your accountant will free up time for you to focus on other revenue generating tasks.

We know the financial side of business isn’t always that easy to understand. It’s important to work with the right kind of accountant for your business. One that will empower you with the answers to common accounting questions. And one that you feel confident handing over your numbers to. They should be interested and involved. They should also specialise in helping small businesses in the same sector as you.  Gone are the days where you just call in the accountant a few times a year, and courier your records over to them for tax return sign off.

We want you to see your accountant as a trusted advisor and expert. A friend of your business. If you need to know where to get extra funding – they’re your first port of call.  Need advice on payroll or setting up PAYE? Call your accountant. Want to expand or grow? They should be there. Dealing with HMRC? You shouldn’t need to.

Technology has streamlined accounting. Now it’s making it faster and more transparent. This has enabled small businesses to save precious time, money and demand more. Sadly some accountants are guilty of a much more hands off service. They just expect to help with the big tasks like tax return and if anything else crops up, they charge through the roof.

This have changed with cloud technology and new apps and add-ons. These aim to save you time, money and headaches and have simplified the accounting process.

The Accountancy Clinic

MarketInvoice have teamed up with Xero cloud accounting software and Receipt Bank – two businesses leading the way in this field. MarketInvoice brings you advice on finding the right accountant and streamlining your paperwork. They have partnered with In partnership with KPMG Small Business Accounting- whose fixed price accounting packages embrace this ‘value added’ philosophy. Together they bring you The Accountancy Clinic. It’s an access all areas troubleshooting ebook with answers to the most common accounting questions.

Click here to get your free copy of The Accountancy Clinic

MarketInvoice provides short-term finance for businesses.  Businesses can unlock funds from their outstanding invoices in a matter of hours rather than waiting up to 120 days for payment. Getting paid on the same day as issuing invoices means that businesses regain control of their cashflow and are no longer at the mercy of their customer’s payment terms.

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