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Top tips for email marketing

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Loads of businesses love email marketing because it’s simple and cost effective. Emailing customers regularly is an awesome way of building deeper engagement. It also helps to drive sales. But not everyone uses it well and there’s definitely a fine line between a great email and an annoying one.

With that said, here are a few tips so you can avoid some of the most common email marketing pitfalls:

1. Play by the rules

Not only will you annoy your customers if you decide to spam everyone,  you could also risk a big fine! Check out the CAN-SPAM Act and make sure you’ve got permission to send to each recipient. Check your local laws and also include an unsubscribe link so that people can opt-out.

2. Don’t email everyone

Your customers are all different so don’t send them the same email. Each message you send has a risk that people will unsubscribe. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. Think carefully about who you’re contacting and why before you even start writing.

3. Pick a beautiful email tool

Just like using Xero reduces the risk of errors in your business financials, picking a beautiful email tool will help you send with ease. I love Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, check out our Add-On Marketplace for more. You’ll avoid that dreaded panic when you’ve just sent a blank message to everyone in your address book.

4. Check and check again

At Xero we peer review everything at least once before we send. Get someone who hasn’t seen your email before to check it over. If you work alone then try printing it out, as you’re much more likely to spot errors when they’re on paper than reading your screen.

Happy sending! For more tips check out our Small Business Guide on how to get started or ask us questions below or on Twitter too!

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