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The Advisor Directory: creating success through collaboration

Posted 6 years ago in Xero news by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

Ryan Pinke was thrilled his company was taking off. But he hated that more business meant more administration. As VideoConferenceGear.com raced out of the gates, Ryan found himself bewildered by his accounts. “I had no idea of my cashflow, my accounts payable and receivable,” says Ryan. “I got it as far as I could as a single-person business.”

Ryan needed to untangle his accounts. He also needed an advisor to ensure his business thrived.  Xero delivered both.

It’s the cloud or nothing

As a tech specialist, Ryan lives and breathes cloud computing. He insisted on a web-based accounting solution. He found that many options were desktop software shoehorned into the cloud as an afterthought. He was determined to find accounting software that “was built from the cloud up”. And then he found Xero.

Xero was the adaptable, cloud-based accounting platform Ryan was looking for. He tailored Xero to his needs with seamless connections to his many sales channels. “Other accounting options would have been a bottleneck for my business,” says Ryan. “Xero saved me from drowning when my business grew.”

Finding the right advisor

Once Ryan found Xero, the next step was partnering with a like-minded advisor. He posted an ad on Craiglist, but no one had the e-commerce expertise he was after. Next, Ryan turned to Xero’s Advisor Directory. Of all the firms he found and chatted to, Catching Clouds was the best fit. Catching Clouds are e-commerce specialists and a Xero Silver Partner. “In my first conversation with them, I knew they were a different kind of accounting team,” says Ryan. “I could see the value they could add to my business by capitalizing on leading-edge services like Xero.”


Beyond number crunching to valuable guidance

The efficiency win with Xero is twofold. Ryan spends less time on his accounts and more time growing his business. Catching Clouds always have up-to-date accounts. This means they’re freed up to offer him valuable and timely advice. “They’re not just robots working in the background,” says Ryan. “I can bounce ideas off them and they say ‘here’s where we can connect to the Xero platform and make your world work more efficiently’.”

Ryan has a non-traditional view of technology and how it can disrupt the status quo. This extends to how he staffs and runs his business. By using Xero and its add-ons, Ryan can grow his business free of traditional business practices. “You start bringing on virtual workers, virtual resources, virtual partners – this is where Xero helps you,” says Ryan. “It creates connectivity among all these other layers and different organizations you work with.”

Software that simplifies

Ecommerce can be a complicated business. Ryan sells products via online retailers like Amazon.com and uses drop-shipping (delivering goods straight from the manufacturer to a customer). With Xero, Ryan can separate his income channels and easily track them.

There’s more to Ryan’s life than his business, and Xero helps him have it all. With Xero, he’s in sync with his accounting team and on top of his accounts. “I’m all over the world in one day, but I’m also back home by five o’clock with my kids.”

Connecting businesses with advisors

At Xero, we know the right advisor can be the difference between a business just surviving or a business thriving. Our new Advisor Directory connects businesses with the advisors they need, fuelling more stories of collaboration and success.

Get connected with Xero’s Advisor Directory. You can also find a nearby Xero-certified advisor now if you’re in London, Sydney, Denver or Singapore.

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September 9, 2015 at 3.54 am

@aBIZinaBOX is also a Xero Silver Accounting Partner and a Cloud Integrator…we are also something more….an AICPA member firm – with Peer Review and active participation in the PCPS, CAQ and CPEC sections. Salesforce Consulting Partners and Google Apps Resellers. Certified partners with all of the technologies we represents.

What happens if you grow and your bank want reviewed or audit financial statement…we can do it. As another prospective advisor if they are a CPA or a ACA or an FCA where they practice. We are the professionals and IT does matter.

If you size is such that you don’t need the horsepower, at least understand the difference.

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