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Integrate your Enterprise with Xero

Posted 5 years ago in Platform by Aaron Palardy
Posted by Aaron Palardy

Xero is about connecting. Xero already connects users with banks and government, saving thousands of hours. Xero Business Connect completes the circle by letting small businesses receive supplier invoices direct to their Xero account. It makes receiving and paying invoices seamless and simple.

Connect to the benefits

With Xero Business Connect, your invoices will automatically appear in your customer’s Xero account, ready for them to code and approve.

Join Xero Business Connect and you will:

  • end manual data entry and the errors that come with it
  • get paid on time and to the correct account
  • have fewer days to payment and part payments
  • save your customers time and confusion
  • create fewer paper invoices and save printing costs and postage
  • be an industry leader by adopting the next generation of invoicing.



Better together

Integrating your large enterprise with Xero rewards both parties. You get paid faster and Xero users have less data entry. Xero Business Connect gives you access to over 20% of New Zealand’s small businesses. Combine our market share with your customer base to accelerate mutual brand awareness and develop growth opportunities.

10 fewer debtor days


The problem with standard invoicing

Every month, large enterprises send invoices to many small businesses.

the problem with conventional billing

In each small business, someone enters the invoice details into their accounting system. This adds up to thousands of hours manually keying in information that already exists electronically. Xero Business Connect changes that.


Xero Business Connect is the next generation of invoicing

Xero Business Connect diagram

Xero Business Connect sends invoices straight to a customer’s Xero account, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving time.

Integrate using the Xero API

Our API is a tool that lets Xero to talk to other software. It provides a quick and simple way to develop integrations with Xero. With free access to our API, your enterprise can build a connection from your billing system and Xero. We provide lots of help online and you can join the discussion in the community forum.


Integrate with the Xero API


Be an Industry leader

Xero plays a vital part role in small businesses propelling New Zealand’s economy. We processed $65 billion in transactions last year. Connect your enterprise to our platform and get insights into what’s driving small business. Xero Business Connect is the next generation of invoicing. Be an adopter of tomorrow’s technology, today.

Xero Business Connect is expanding

We’re growing the Xero Business Connect platform to bring more businesses together. Xero integrates with Z Energy, BizRewards (Warehouse Stationery), NZI and PlaceMakers. Officemax, Watercare Services Limited and Meridian Energy will launch soon and many more coming onboard. When you join Xero Business Connect, there’s potential for marketing the partnership through both of our channels.

If you’re interested in Xero Business Connect, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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