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Xero + iOS = small business transformation

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To say people use Apple devices to help run their businesses is an understatement. Apple is one of the companies completely revolutionizing the way businesses function. As a result, Xero has seen a huge uptake in iPad and iPhone users as Apple redefines how work gets done.

It was so exciting to see the Apple Watch demoed live on stage today at Xerocon, our annual user conference in Denver. Just like the iPad, the Apple Watch brings Xero customers the flexibility to manage their businesses from any place, at any time.

Rod on stage Xerocon

Xero + iOS = increased mobility

In addition to great new product integrations, we announced how Xero is transforming small business accounting across all iOS devices. We’re bringing more small business solutions to market that take advantage of the mobility you get with Apple products. This means we can deliver an even more seamless and beautiful experience for our customers around the globe.

The best user experience

Our customers will enjoy Xero’s user experience and new enhancements first on Apple devices. They can also leverage the best-in-class solutions that are beautifully designed specifically for small businesses and their accounting partners on Apple devices.

A perfect example of this best-in-class solution is one we’re creating for the retail industry. We’re working with two of our Add-on Partners – Vend (leading cloud-based retail software) and Deputy (a cloud-based work scheduling and people management platform).

Daily sales, captured in Vend, post directly to the right categories in Xero. This means accounts are automatically updated without any manual intervention. Timesheets created and approved by small business owners in Deputy, are automatically posted in Xero payroll. Our integrated solution gives retailers a flexible and scalable platform they can easily use to run their businesses right from their iPads and iPhones.

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June 4, 2015 at 5.32 pm

Xero on an iPad sounds very good and all but have you guys been paying attention at all to the Windows side of things? Been using Practice Manager and Xero on a Surface 3 and not only do I have full mobility but the advantage of having a full desktop operating system on the go with a proper file system and MS Office to boot. Now THAT’S productivity, and many more of our clients have been coming through with these kinds of devices over iPads.

June 5, 2015 at 2.58 am

Would like a Windows app please Rod.

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