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Payroll for Indiana, The Hoosier State

Posted 3 years ago in Product by Silvana Narvaez
Posted by Silvana Narvaez

Today we’re pleased to announce Payroll for Indiana small businesses is now available with Xero.

Small businesses significantly impact Indiana’s economy. They represent over 97 percent of all employers and employ close to 50 percent of the private-sector labor force.

Xero online accounting and payroll software is easy to implement and use from anywhere. Payroll information flows seamlessly to keep the books up to date, with journals created automatically.

Payroll for Indiana

If you have employees in Indiana you can now add them to your payroll system and process pay runs. All the calculations are taken care of automatically. Pay your employees with direct deposit or with instant paychecks. Timesheets are also included at no extra cost for all employees.

Detailed reports are available to help you keep track of your company’s payroll information. Employees can even enter their own timesheets, view time off and pay history with their own employee app.

Payroll Taxes

For a short time, you’ll need to manually file and pay your payroll taxes. This can be done directly with the Indiana Department of Revenue and Indiana Department of Workforce Development. We’re working on supporting electronic filing and payments for Indiana, and we should have it done shortly.

We’ll be sure to tell you when and what you have to file and pay. For now, you’ll just need to complete this outside of Xero.

You’ll see all upcoming payroll filing and payment obligations on the Payroll Overview. You can also find detailed information available under Taxes & Filings. Payroll in Xero calculates relevant business days and displays both the File By and Due By dates.

Payroll Calendar

We’ve heard lots of feedback from our customers that you want an easy way to see upcoming payroll items. You’ll now see a calendar on the Payroll Overview that shows employee birthdays, time off days, holidays and payment dates.

Selecting a date will show you the details of what’s happening on that day. We’d love to hear what else you’d like to see displayed here.

For more details please see the release notes.

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Anthony Chaniotakis
December 21, 2015 at 8.30 am

This is good news.

How soon will Xero be fully functional in Indiana?

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