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Payroll eases AU end of financial year stress

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It’s already the start of June and time to start thinking about the end of financial year in Australia.

We want to ensure that this year end is your easiest yet. Updates will be released shortly in Payroll to help take as much of the pain away as we can.


This year it’s even easier to electronically file your Payment Summary Annual Report directly to the ATO from Xero.

Businesses don’t need to use, or even have, their own AUSkey. Xero will file it for you using our own AUSkey. Just like we do for Tax File Number Declarations.

If you’re filing for a business as a supplier (e.g. providing an agent service) then you’ll need your own AUSkey still to file.

Join us for a free webinar in which we’ll take you through a range of tips to streamline your EOFY payroll processing. This will include account reconciliation, Auto-Super registration, payment summary creation and reporting, and a Q&A. They are free for everyone.

Payment Summaries need to be issued to your employees by 14th July, and the annual report lodged with the ATO by 14th August.

The ATO have advised us that they no longer want to be sent Payment Summary Annual Reports on removable media, such as USB. The EMPDUPE file download from Xero is still available if you want to upload the Annual Report to the ATO via the portal.

Be sure all superannuation payments are taken care of by the end of June. You can only claim deductions for superannuation contributions for the financial year in which they are made. For customers using Auto-Super in Xero, June 22nd is the deadline. Make sure you process batches to guarantee Superannuation payments in the 2015 financial year.

And don’t forget Xero automatically updates your tax tables every year.

If this is too overwhelming, you could consider using an advisor. They can help you manage your financial year-end activities to make it easier than ever to get through end of financial year.


Faye Byers
June 3, 2015 at 1.53 pm

On checking the dates for the free webinar, they are scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday only, will there be other dates on different days Monday or Wednesday?

Oliver Furniss
June 5, 2015 at 2.32 am

@Faye, those are our full list of webinars for the time being, but we will be publishing a recorded version of the webinar soon after the first session.

Michael Lockrey
June 11, 2015 at 4.46 pm

I signed up for this morning’s EOFY Payroll webinar but I require live captioning and / or a transcript as I’m profoundly Deaf.

Would it be possible for Xero to include a transcript of the recorded webinars they make available for users, such as myself?

Charles Klvana
June 11, 2015 at 6.45 pm

This is a great feature for those clients who know what they’re doing.

Can this feature be limited to users with ADVISOR access only (of course they need payroll admin access).

Last year we had a number of clients who after doing their last payroll, simply lodged their Payment Summary Annual Report directly to the ATO WITHOUT doing all the necessary reconciliations to ensure what they were lodging was correct. Consequently there was a lot of amendments being set to the ATO afterwards.

While I applaud Xero’s effort in making this a simple and easy process for business owners, there is a danger in making this too easy. There needs to be controls in place to limit this ADVANCED payroll feature to those users with the requisite knowledge. Generally speaking this would be those with ADVISOR access.

Lastly Oli, will we as agent services (suppliers) need to upload our Auskey to each and every client 280+ times, or will we be able to upload once, and that will be remembered across all clients when we’re logged in under our username?

Oliver Furniss in reply to Charles Klvana
June 13, 2015 at 4.27 am

@Charles, you raise a couple of good points here.

User role access. Worth calling out though that nothing has changed here and for sure, we could look at an additional user role option for payroll admin to limit access to payment summaries and other things such as TFND. Hop on to community and raise it. In the interim, have the conversation with your clients about who’s doing what.

Payroll admin has always been able to create employee payment summaries and the Payment Summary Annual Report on file (EMPDUPE) and last year if they had an AUSkey file to the ATO. I’m also not sure we should separate creating/filing the annual report from the preparation of the payment summaries themselves.

AUSkey: Understand it’s a pain and we’re working on it. Last year we introduced the Annual Report direct filing option in Payroll and there’s a 50/50 split between agents filing through Xero for business, and business filing for themselves. Filing to the ATO required an AUSkey and there are 2 types of AUSkey available. User key and Device key. We support User AUSkey for payroll Annual Reports because it’s the ‘easiest’ type of key to obtain for businesses and agents alike, but we are not allowed to store it for you. So whoever was filing (business or agent) needed to apply their own AUSkey, each and every time. The other type is a Device AUSkey, which is much harder to obtain, but we can store it (this is what we currently do in Xero Tax, which is solely for Agents.) We had to jump one way, so to make the feature more accessible to more people, we supported User AUSkey.

We were really keen to make it easier this year. We’ve worked with various government agencies so we can file payments summaries to the ATO for a business, eliminating the need for them to have their own AUSkey.

Another innovation first through Xero, problem solved for 50%! Rest assured, we’re not done, we know we can make it easier still for Agents too and we’re working with government agencies to make it happen, it’s just taking longer to work out the details.

When we can, we’ll update the software and eliminate the need for Agents to file with their own AUSkey – thus eliminating the pain for everyone. We can’t wait to do this for you stay tuned.

Charles Klvana
June 11, 2015 at 6.46 pm

Hmmm, that’s really weird. Today is the 11th of June 2015, and yet these comments are coming up with a date of June 6, 2015?!

Remco Marcelis
June 29, 2015 at 5.18 pm

So just confirming, any super for additional payrolls processed between 22Jun and 30Jun will still need to be paid (through CLick2Super again) before 28Jul SGC reporting deadline?

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