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Continuous platform evolution

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In January 2013 we migrated the Xero applications to a new Rackspace data centre upgrading the infrastructure and architecture of our platform. The change we made has significantly improved the cost effectiveness, robustness and scalability of our applications.

Now, two years on, we are working towards the next version of our hosting platform to cater for our rapid and global growth in customers. The planning for this change commenced early last year with the goals of:

  • supporting the next wave of growth
  • eliminating scheduled downtime
  • improving data protection
  • reducing our per customer cost
  • maintaining and improving our security.
xerocon NZ 2015 - rod on stage

Our next evolution

We’ve been closely following the progress of providers delivering Platform as a Service, while our platform usage has been growing significantly. We now run over 600 servers and manage over half a Petabyte of production data. The next evolution of our platform is well underway, and we’ve commenced a number of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure projects to support our future growth. These AWS offerings complement our application architecture, the pace of Xero’s business and our commitment to excellent customer service.

Xero and Rackspace are close partners, having worked together since 2008. Rackspace is integral to our industry leading availability of 99.99 percent, and will continue to provide solutions to Xero as we move to a model that incorporates both Rackspace and AWS services. Rackspace continues to deliver on their promise of Fanatical Support and we enjoy having Rackspace operate as part of our team. As we graduate from some of their infrastructure services they are helping us transition to a Managed Cloud and we look forward to being a happy Rackspace customer for many years to come.

Keeping you informed

Over the next few months we will share details about our plans and how the AWS offerings fit into our overall solution and the benefits you can expect. As always, we will be transparent about the changes we are making, the timeframe for implementation and what this means for our customers. You can expect us to talk about how we intend to improve the Xero platform.


One comment

James van der Klip
May 13, 2015 at 7.18 pm

Brilliant! I can’t even imagine how large 5000+ TB is. It’s going to be interesting seeing how much Xero evolves in the next 6 months, let alone the next 2 years.

Nice blog redesign too, it’s a lot cleaner and looks great.

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