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Read all about it: How to do small business PR

Posted 7 years ago in Xero news by Ashleigh Gibson
Posted by Ashleigh Gibson

Each day, many of us follow our business, music and celebrity heroes on social media, watch them on TV and read about them in newspapers and magazines. In many ways, this enables us to get to know them like never before.

Yet, as successful brands like Apple or Virgin have demonstrated, in the multimedia age it is possible to connect with target customers and influence what they buy and how often they buy it. In PR and marketing speak, this is about using both online and offline media channels to create brand engagement, inspiring invaluable customer loyalty and word-of-mouth endorsement at the same time.

Sound easy? Not exactly. The challenge for small businesses is that without a big budget for advertising or marketing, getting noticed in the media and by customers can be an uphill struggle. Even if you do decide to spend big, get your strategy wrong and you could be wasting valuable time and budget. But using small business PR can get you the outcomes you’re after.

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Reach for the Clouds

As Xero’s newly-launched ‘Reach for the Clouds’ PR challenge aims to show, by thinking strategically, creatively and getting the right messages to the right audiences, it is possible to spark interest among potential customers – and give them a reason to get in touch, or keep coming back.

Have a strategy

First up, you need a strategy. Sharing news and opinions with journalists or via social media is important, but if you’re not careful all you’ll be doing is making noise. You need to ensure you’re getting the right content and the right messages into the right outlets, so that you can engage with your target audience.

Be clear about your objective

You need to be clear about your end objective. In most cases, it’s pretty simple; sell more stuff. However, depending on your business type and model and how long you’ve been around, this could mean selling more stuff to existing customers, or attracting the attention of new ones. You also need to be clear about your target audience profile and what media they might read, watch or listen to.

Get your key message nailed

Lastly, while getting your name out there is important, working out what you want to say and consistently saying it improves the likelihood of you making a connection with a potential customer, or making an existing one feel good about buying from you again.

So whether it’s telling the world about your inspired idea, giving advice to customers on how to work smarter or getting a customer to endorse your product or service, plan your strategy and don’t be shy about getting your business noticed.


Heather Smith
February 7, 2015 at 6.56 pm

I’d encourage business who wants to get in-front of the Xero community to include as one of their promotional / PR strategies; contributing to http://www.xumagazine.com/ the independent magazine for the Xero community.
We welcome Xero-centric contributions in the form of:

Feature length articles – Short news – Tutorials – Reviews – Interviews Developer articles – Case studies – Add-ons in beta/what’s new.

Please get in touch at hello@xumagazine.com, we’d love to hear from you.
I’d also suggest you listen to my Cloud Stories http://cloud-stories.com/ podcast, and if you think you would make an interesting guest please get in contact with me


I’d also suggest you subscribe to sourcebottle http://www.sourcebottle.com/ , grab a copy of Valerie Khoo’s book Power Stories and work through all the questions (ha ha and then submit them to us at XU Magazine!!) and whenever you see a guy at a Xero conference wearing a trilby – go and introduce yourself to him and tell him an interesting story.

Yes – I have a vested interest in XU Magazine and Cloud Stories however my driving force is to disseminate and share information to help build the Xero community

Heather : – )

Steven Male
February 10, 2015 at 11.31 pm

Love it. I think a last point would definitely be to consistently sticking with your message. So many campaigns lose their juice after a week or two simply because they didn’t make it clear how long they will drive that message for and why they are spreading that message in the first place.

Sustainable and consistent sharing of your why is the best marketing your can do for your business!

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