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Xero Roadshow NZ kicks off: insights from a Xero fan

Posted 5 years ago in Xero news by Guest
Posted by Guest

Christmas is fast approaching and squeezing in four hours plus travel isn’t easy for most Xeroite Bookies – but we do it because our business blood is a mix of ‘Education and Innovation’.

Continuous education is a given and one of the many reasons Xero is so easy to sell is the constant upgrades and live action. It’s addictive and should come with a warning!

Xero’s Spring Roadshow kicked off yesterday to a sell out crowd.  The Roadshow will travel to 14 locations across New Zealand in November and December. I was one of the lucky ones to attend the first session at the Aotea Centre in Auckland.

I thought I’d share some of my takeouts from the session.

So why do I continue to support the Xero Roadshows? One word: OPPORTUNITY.

I’ve put together some quick tips for making sure you get the best out of the roadshow:

  1.     Register for Roadshow – they sell out quick!
  2.     Book out calendar (including travel time)
  3.     Email Xeroite contacts and book lunch
  4.     Check travel arrangements
  5.     Sort staff/contractor work
  6.     What to wear … mmm
  7.     Book in time with Xero Manager if needed
  8.     Set up #XeroRoadshow
  9.     Get questions ready in case a Xero superstar is attending (like Xero NZ Managing Director, Victoria Crone)

Gayle poses with Victoria Crone at the Xero Roadshow NZ in 2014

So the day has come…. For the past three years no matter what Xero event we attend it’s straight to the front seats.  For some of us we’re blind as a bat (and well basically short as well), so view blockers are a no no.  Up the front we can encourage new Xero staff presenting to an audience renowned for being um … not easy to excite?

 Tables were packed at this years Xero Roadshow NZ (in Auckland)

Looking around the room I’d estimate a high 80% of the attendees are Xero newbies so growth is alive and well.  The content was FULL of backed up data – wow super powerful stuff for business owners to know and a reminder of how much business there is for Xeroites throughout the country.  Heads were down writing furiously and lots of phones were busily snapping screenshots.

The software hints and tips shared were so welcome. I especially loved the use of ‘Gamify’ and the quick Xero login and search bar trick.  Fabulous Xero Add-ons like Receipt Bank and Spotlight Reporting were available for questions and even @CrunchBoards tweets helped out live from the UK – that’s cool.

Christian Newman, Bailey Brooks and Ben Richmond at the Xero Roadshow NZ

Xero NZ Roadshow presenters: Christian Newman, Bailey Brooks, Ben Richmond

Discussion around features and some frustrations raised were quickly answered. The inclusion of table discussions was new from previous years and gave us all a chance to share, and as Bookkeeper/Trainers we were able to help out some of the newer Accountants.  We had Debbie Mayo-Smith (International Speaker and Author) on our table so clearly the Xero interest spreads wide and far.

In summary the morning was well worth the effort, Xero’s approach to market with education (especially data) will bring me back to each and every roadshow they have.

Gayle Buchanan is Founder and Chief Nurse at Number Nurses


Di Crawford-Errington
November 13, 2014 at 9.08 pm

Thanks for the great feedback Gayle. Looking forward to the Northland roadshow in December.

Kim Hamill
November 16, 2014 at 1.22 pm

Thank you Gayle. I’m off to the ChCh Roadshow later in the month and looking forward to it!

Caroline rouxel
November 26, 2014 at 9.12 pm

Today’s roadshow in Christchurch was great, a lot of great updates already happened and more to come. Your making “xero” the be all and end all of accounting software, and I’m proud to promote it!

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