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Xero Accelerate: Your Holy Grail moment

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Marie Jung
Posted by Marie Jung
Xero Accelerate instructor Bruce Phillips

Behind every great story is a great storyteller: one who takes you from difficulty to the happy ending. Today, the story of Xero Accelerate is proudly told by Bruce Phillips of Harshman Phillips & Company.

Bruce is a US Platinum Partner and Xero Accelerate workshop instructor. When we asked him why he signed on to teach other financial professionals about the cloud, he gave us one amazing story and we’re excited to share it with you:

The “holy grail” moment

Before Xero, I was working in a hosted QuickBooks environment and I was struggling. Then I met Rod Drury (Xero CEO) and experienced the “holy grail”, or what some might call a “light bulb moment”. Xero confirmed what I knew for awhile: That there is a better way to work with clients. And I was fortunate enough to recognize and embrace it.

But I have to say, the light bulb doesn’t turn on as often for practitioners in the United States. Talking with Xero Partners across the globe, I get that many of you are ahead of us when it comes to cloud adoption — and it’s my opinion that folks here are simply reluctant to change. That’s human nature and I get it.

I’m a storyteller at heart

I love sharing my holy grail moment with others. Telling my firm’s stories, both the good and bad, is powerful. Those stories can help people avoid the pitfalls that I faced. And believe me, there were a lot.

Leading the Xero Accelerate workshop is not only exciting — but it’s an opportunity for me to give back to my profession. I get to help foster a pro-cloud environment that encourages more pro-active and savvy conversations. And that’s where more light bulbs go on. When others get it, and they see the power of the cloud and of Xero, it’s electric.

My skills for you

I won’t lie, bringing Xero into my practice took some work. I made mistakes and I learned from them. That’s just how I am. But I don’t want others to make those same mistakes. My skills help transform a traditional practice into a Xero practice. I can walk you through all the decisions and non-decisions. These are things such as IT infrastructure, servers, how to communicate with your staff, how to manage onboarding with a client. Things many experienced Xero blog readers can probably write a course book on.

So if I can help others avoid pitfalls — and show them the path to the cloud with Xero that will be quicker, smoother and a lot more profitable — then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Find out more and register for the Xero Accelerate workshop.

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