Employee notes and other updates to US Payroll

Today we’ve released updates in US Payroll with a focus on the employee. This follows on from our recent release of the API for US Payroll.

Employee Notes

A frequent request in Community has been a place to store comments or notes against employees. We give you ‘Notes’.

US Payroll – Employee Notes

Notes allows you to store information against an employee. It could be used for emergency details, to record important conversations or literally whatever you need to store.  All notes are time and date stamped and only accessible to payroll administrators. We’ll be connecting this area to Files in the future so you can store important documents as well.

Employee setup

To process payroll for an employee there’s a minimum level of information we need to capture. We’ve introduced a quick setup guide to outline the three screens that need to be completed at a minimum. As each screen is successfully saved it will update and disappear once complete. Entering employees tax information results in a more accurate calculation of tax withholdings. If you have their information handy we suggest filling it in right away. If not come back to it later.

US Payroll – Setup Guide

Depending on the needs of your business and the complexity of your payroll needs will determine if you need to setup time off, opening balances or other details.

US Payroll updates

We’ve rebuilt the ‘Employment’ screen to improve the setup experience and make it easier change employee salary and wages. Now you can change until they have been paid in a pay run. Once they have been paid we’ve made it clearer what your employees are currently being paid and when future changes take affect.

US Payroll – Employees


After the release in July we’ve tweaked the ‘Employees’ screen based on feedback to make it clearer. The History tab has been introduced to list past employees in a clear place.

Coming Soon

We’re focused on getting Federal e-pay ready to allow easy and efficient payment of Federal payroll taxes all from within payroll. In the next couple of releases you’ll also see Total Cost Summary and Detailed reports and other improvements.

If you need payroll in a state we currently don’t support then we highly recommend you check out our payroll add-on partners including ZenPayoll and Monchilla.

For more release information please see the release notes.

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