US Payroll API live with first integration

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the API for US payroll. This extends the reach of the payroll API to Australia and seven states in the US that covers approximately 40% of the US population.

US Payroll API

The US Payroll API covers the main use cases including employee information, creating and updating timesheets, and processing pay runs. This is the first release of the US Payroll API and there are extra end points that we’ll address in future releases including time off and holidays. Developers will be familiar with the same pattern being used as the other Xero and payroll API endpoints. The same OAuth process is utilised, but with the addition of granular permissions.

US Payroll API

The Xero Developer site is the best place to learn more about all the endpoints and the finer points of the US Payroll API. If you have any questions the Developer Community is a great place to find answers.

The US Payroll API follows our open API and self service approach allowing individual customers to use the API too. The .NET library has also recently been updated and it includes support for both the AU and US Payroll API.

US Payroll and Deputy

We’re also pleased to announce that the first integration with the US Payroll API is complete and is available from Deputy.

US Payroll Deputy

Deputy is an all­-in­-one scheduling, time & attendance, tasking and communication platform that seamlessly integrates with Xero. The Deputy Kiosk iPad App is used to track time and attendance in retail, healthcare, hospitality and many other industries . These timesheets can then be seamlessly transferred to US Payroll in Xero via the API. Deputy syncs Xero Employee details along with pay rates to provide accurate overtime reporting.

Don’t forget, if you use an add-on, share your experience and help others find the right add-on for them.

We look forward to seeing your products integrated with the new US Payroll API.


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Heather Smith
August 12, 2014 at 5:30 pm

American businesses who need a cloud time scheduling tool – should seriously look at implementing Deputy.

I work with a number cafes who use it & love it.

The employees love it too.

& it saves them so much time.

Plus the added kiosk feature is neat.

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