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A proven need for mobile optimization

Posted 4 years ago in Tech by Jonathan Allan
Posted by Jonathan Allan

People are moving from desktop to smartphones and tablets, and they expect the businesses they use to be moving right along with them.

This means it’s a requirement for small business, and not just the large corporations, to invest in mobile optimization for their websites.

A click is not the same as a tap, and a mobile screen is a much smaller canvas to operate on than a monitor. Mobile users are even more demanding of a simple, beautiful experience, so it’s not as simple as shrinking your site down to fit on a phone.

mobile optimization

While price, convenience and choice are all motivational factors for consumers buying online, you can be sure if you’re not capturing mobile traffic, you’re missing out on sales. In fact, having a mobile ready site could give you the edge over competitors who haven’t yet embraced he trend.

Many of the companies providing web solutions for businesses, including our partner Squarespace, offer out of the box themes that are already mobile optimized, so making a switch doesn’t have to be painful.

We’ve seen our own increase in mobile visitors in just the past year, with almost a third of all visitors now accessing from mobile devices (16 percent using a tablet and 12 percent using a mobile), compared to under 10 percent last year (three percent using tablet and five percent using mobile). We fully expect mobile traffic to overtake desktop in the next 6-12 months. Our own strategy is to make all areas of our site mobile-responsive and all new builds will have a mobile first approach.

As a small business you should be investing in a mobile optimised website to help meet the changing customer expectations, while improving a range of metrics including visitation, conversion, and revenue through all digital platforms.



July 22, 2014 at 1.42 pm

I’m not sure about other Xero partners, but our traffic split is 90/8/2 for desktop/mobile/tablet. Very surprised to see our mobile numbers so low, but I suppose people would rather be on checking their Instagram or Facebook rather than a bookkeeping website when they are on their mobile devices.

Andrew Wall
July 23, 2014 at 3.09 am

I could not agree more. Being mobile friendly is a necessity not an option! The good news is that setting up a responsive design can be done in minutes with very little expertise. If you are using wordpress it can be as simple as purchasing a theme from one of the plethora of sites that sell themes for less than $100. Just make sure you choose a responsive or preferrablly a cherry framework template. Once installed your content will be instantly mobile friendly/ responsive. Of course if you are more savvy you can tweak the template to your hearts content or even build your own custom template.

July 26, 2014 at 5.27 pm

Assuming that it is relatively inexpensive either to modify an existing website by adding mobile optimization or to ensure that any new websites are mobile compliant, it seems like there is little reason not to try to take advantage of mobile optimization.

Eric Rudolphe
August 13, 2014 at 1.34 am

It is also Google preferred method that you should have one site that serves all devices and not a separate site for mobile. This can be done by building a responsive site. See my blog article re this subject:
Great work on the xero app, works well on the ios devices.

Steven Male
February 10, 2015 at 8.39 pm

Definitely agree with Eric there. Google is placing increasing importance on having ‘one site serves all’ rather than separate sites to cater for different needs. I’m compiling a bunch of information for our ‘Ultimate Guide to NZ SEO’ article which you can check out for free:
Used Squarespace before myself and it’s a super easy way to get your company moving forward!
Thanks Xero for keeping my businesses accounting simple and more importantly beautiful 😉

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