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The next evolution in QuickBooks conversions

Around here, we want to make it super easy for you to move your existing clients to Xero. Why? Because we want you to leverage a beautiful accounting platform built for the cloud. Practitioners who are tired of forced migrations, sloppy upgrades and a confusing interface are now only a few clicks away from leaving it all behind for Xero.

“The conversion tool is awesome. We can convert a client’s existing file and bring over the year-to-date work and keep them operational with minimal time delay and no duplicate data entry.” – Mariah C. Venus, Director of Operations, BookKeeping Express.

With the release yesterday, Xero US Partners can submit a QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Mac or Online data file for automatic conversion.

Anytime, anywhere: It’s that easy

Feel free to convert a file anytime, anywhere. Simply follow these steps:

From within My Xero:

  • Select “Add organization.” You will be given the option to upload a file. When you select QuickBooks from where you are converting from, you will be able to choose your file for conversion.
  • Upload the file. We will email you an invite to view your newly, fully-populated Xero organization.

Important notes:

  • Manage your conversions. After sending a file, visit the “Conversions” group which appears on the left side of your Green My Xero account. There, you can manage and check the status of all your conversions. Once a conversion is complete, you will automatically be invited to take over the subscription.
  • Reconcile first. For the best outcomes, be sure that your QuickBooks file is reconciled prior to submission. For other tips, check out Xero U and our pre-conversion guidelines.

Current and prior fiscal year transactions are free

Conversion of all transactions from the current and prior fiscal year are always free. This allows you to produce all of the comparative reports for the prior year and to start using the beauty of Xero for your clients going forward. Now, you can manage client cashflows, be forward-looking and help advise them on how to grow their business.

If you need additional historical data, QuickBooks Enterprise conversions or other related conversion services, please email us at

The cloud awaits … and more

Regardless if you have a few clients or several dozen to move to Xero, you can now leverage the cloud and start managing them at your leisure.

And there’s still more. Stay tuned to our blog as we release additional ways to migrate your clients to Xero.



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Stephan Goldsmith
22 July 2014 #

This is great news! Moving clients from QB is now pretty easy and seamless. Thanks for the update!

Robert Beasley
4 August 2014 #

Great news for US partners but are there any plans to roll this process out to UK partners using UK QuickBooks products? The cost of using a conversion add-on partner is prohibitive for a number of clients.

Peter Wen
7 August 2014 #

Robert, there are no plans for the UK currently, but the UK is looking at the US conversion process with interest, so stay tuned.

Cristina Garza
26 August 2014 #

This tool is really great. I am able to move our clients over really quickly- no more Quickbooks! It is important to watch the video and follow the directions carefully. Don’t forget to review the Chart of Accounts, Reconcile your Accounts and do any clean up work first. It will save you a ton of time. :)

Peter Wen
27 August 2014 #

Good advice, and glad you like the conversion process @Cristina. Taking a few moments to clean up the books pre-conversion goes a long way.

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