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New direct feeds from Silicon Valley Bank

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Matt Vickers
Posted by Matt Vickers

We’re pleased to announce our second direct Silicon Valley Bankbank feed in the United States from our friends at Silicon Valley Bank.  Silicon Valley Bank is well known to the San Francisco start-up industry, and has been a popular choice for California’s leading technology businesses and investment community.

By linking Xero directly with SVB’s online banking platform, you get reliable overnight delivery of the prior day’s bank transactions directly within Xero.  As a result, you can make smart business decisions by getting an accurate and comprehensive view of your finances, without the hassle and costly mistakes caused by out-of-date cash flow balances.

Silicon Valley Bank has also recently launched operations in the United Kingdom, and we’re pleased to report that UK customers will also soon be able to apply for bank feeds with Silicon Valley Bank, giving us our second direct feed in the UK.

Direct bank feeds provide richer transactional information and a better experience for those of you who are experiencing duplicate or missing transactions with other banks. If you’re experiencing problems with feeds, we’d encourage you to look at the banks that we work with directly.  All of our direct feeds are listed in our Help Centre.

Once live, these feeds will replace any Yodlee feeds that you may have been using to receive your Silicon Valley Bank account data up to now. If you’re using one of these feeds, you should receive an email over the next couple of days with instructions on how to transition to the new feeds. Credit cards are not yet supported and will continue to be supplied via Yodlee. Applications will be processed over this month and the new feeds are scheduled to begin for the first time on August 12th.


July 31, 2014 at 3.49 am

Great to hear. Any idea of when the UK will be enabled?

Matt Vickers in reply to Neil
July 31, 2014 at 11.53 am

Hi @Neil – UK is looking good to be available alongside the US feeds next month. We’ll update soon.

August 7, 2014 at 9.26 pm

Cool, thanks Matt.

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