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London roadshow – Sun, SaaS and Summer Camp

Sunshine in London!? Yes, it really did happen. And as Gary Turner, our UK Managing Director, put it, ‘We even ordered up the hottest day of the year for our Xero London roadshow outdoor lunch’.

Thankfully, the outdoor courtyard area at The Brewery was perfect for coffee breaks and lunchtime chats, so no-one missed out on that all important sun. When you’re a Londoner, you can’t afford to miss out on valuable tanning time.

We kicked off proceedings with a beginner’s guide to Xero for those people just starting out on their cloud accounting journeys. It’s always great to see a room full of Xero enthusiasts, but it’s even more heartening to see people who are just beginning to understand the immeasurable benefits of working in the cloud. For many, it will be the start of a long-lasting relationship with Xero and a brand new chapter in the evolution of their accounting practice. That’s great to see.

London Xero Roadshow

Evolution: that’s the overriding theme that came up when chatting to clients and prospective partners over the course of the day. Whether is was brand new start-ups, as yet untested in the marketplace, or more experienced practices looking to take that first step into the cloud. Both camps have realised that small business owners are getting younger, smarter and more tech-savvy. And this affinity with digital, mobile technology means that these innovative business owners choose cloud-based solutions as a matter of course. If you’re doing your marketing on Facebook and Twitter, and your admin with Google Apps, why would you not do your accounts in the cloud too? Answer: there’s no good reason not to choose the cloud. And accounting practices of all different levels of size and experience are starting to realise the implications of this shift. A new breed of cloud advocate small business needs a similarly innovative breed of accountant. And those accountants need to be using a cloud accounting platform, like Xero, to meet the needs of the new breed of SMBs.

So, many of the people we spoke to are at that critical point of needing to evolve and innovative with their practice. And our afternoon sessions were designed for those more experienced practices, with presentations on our new partner marketing toolkit and our ever-expanding resources for training, educating and enabling you and your practice staff. We also had a great Q&A session with our panel of expert Xero partners, Paul Bulpitt of The Wow Company, Simon Kallu of SRK Accounting and Catherine Davis of Urban Ledgers.

Partner panel at London Xero Roadshow

Our partner panel at the London roadshow

Education and growing your practice are also the themes behind our upcoming Summer Camp. We’ve put together a collection of incredibly useful webcast sessions to help you increase your skills, train your people and improve the efficiency of your cloud practice.

Chatting at the London Xero Roadshow

There are more roadshows to come – don’t miss out

We had great fun bringing our roadshow to London and we hope everyone who came along took some valuable insights on Xero home with them. If you didn’t make it down to say hi, there are still three roadshows still to come around the country. We’ll be in:

You can find out more about our roadshows on our website.

And if some Summer Camp webcasts sound like your thing, you can register here.


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David Kime
8 July 2014 #

It was a superb event and I came away feeling very positive and re assured that we had made the right choice going with Xero

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