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Legal professionals leap to cloud technology

Posted 4 years ago in Xero news by Riley James
Posted by Riley James
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Embracing cloud technology comes easily for some. For the busy SME, it’s a natural, logical extension of the way they go about their business – on the road, travelling to meet clients, rarely in the office for longer than a few hours (and even then it’s often a cafe, restaurant or even the kitchen bench at home).

When you consider cloud technology from a different perspective – from, say, the polished shoes of a lawyer in an established and rather traditional law firm – the cloud can be seen as something of an enigma, prompting questions like:

Why should we change? How can the cloud benefit the legal industry? Why should an established firm, which has built success over a long period of time through a certain business model, move everything to the cloud?

And these are fair and reasonable questions to ask – especially when you’re part of a large law firm with a lot of stakeholders who are entrenched in a certain way of managing documents and client material.

But while the jury is still out on whether large law firms will take to cloud technology, smaller firms have embraced it with open arms, paving the way for further innovation in the legal industry.

Whether onsite with a client, working from afar or even from Court, the lawyers, consultants and conveyancers within these smaller firms have realized the benefits of tapping into client information and documentation from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Easier document management is also driving the uptake of cloud computing within the legal industry – a profession known for producing mountains of paperwork.

Working in the cloud reduces the burden of hard copy document management; reams of paper have been replaced by a central online repository for case paperwork, making it easy for lawyers and advisors to access and update case files – and perform other tasks such as time, date and schedule management.

Industry-specific software such as LEAP has taken the benefits of cloud technology even further for the legal industry, giving lawyers and support staff everything they need to run a small law firm from a mobile or tablet.

As the most well-known brand in the Australian legal software market, we’re proud to announce that LEAP is now a certified Xero Add-on Partner.

The Xero and LEAP integration opens up all kinds of efficiency gains for lawyers and their support teams. Legal logistics such as time recording, billing and trust accounting can be done from anywhere, on any web-enabled device, while the same can be said of the bookkeeping and business processes required to keep a small business up and running and turning a healthy profit.

It’s a beautiful synergy between two powerful cloud platforms, and we’re excited by all the benefits Xero’s integration with LEAP will deliver for lawyers in small firms right across the country. Find out more about Xero’s partnership with LEAP.

Pictured at top L-R: Rob Stone, Territory Manager NSW, Xero; Mark Burgess, Software Development Manager, LEAP; Jennifer Callaghan, Vertical Account Manager, Xero; Richard Hugo-Hamman, CEO, LEAP.



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