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Peak beard: does creative equal hirsute?

When I joined Xero I wrote a short blog about what it’s like wearing a Xero t-shirt to work. It was a blog about how people look, the assumptions people make based on our appearance and the impact that our clothes have in the business world.

But how we look isn’t just defined by our clothes. If you’re a man and, like me, you have a beard, you’re also sending out a certain subconscious message about who you are. Men who wouldn’t have been seen dead with facial hair five years ago are now sporting beards that wouldn’t look out of place on an Edwardian sea captain, or a 19th century Wild West gold prospector. And nowhere is this more true than in the creative industries.

Are the beard’s days numbered?

So have we reached ‘peak beard’? Plenty of columnists have been saying so. In fact, a team from the University of New South Wales in Sydney even published research into the attraction (or not) of men with beards. But if you walk down Leather Lane around the corner from our Farringdon office, you’ll see plenty of beard action still happening on the streets of London – especially amongst the creative community. In fact, the coffee shops of Farringdon, Clerkenwell and Shoreditch are heaving with bearded creatives (and even the occasional moustache).

Inkling – why creatives love Xero

So does creative equal hirsute? Our latest case study video highlights how creative marketing agency, Inkling, use Xero to manage their business. And you’ll see that the beard is definitely still being rocked here in the UK.

Inkling recommends Xero for small business accounting from Xero on Vimeo.

Talking to the guys at Inkling, it’s clear how much they value the mobile nature of Xero, as well as the ease of use. As a firm of creatives, they understand the importance of keeping on top of your finances, and that’s shown in their growth of 50% year-on-year since starting the business in 2011. Nice one, guys!

Are you rockin’ some facial hair?

So, we thought it might be fun to see exactly how many beards are lurking out there amongst the Xero community. If you’re a male creative consultant, accountant, start-up business owner or a media exec, is a beard still your thang? The world needs to know, don’t you think?

Leave us a comment and let us know if you’re a beardy, or a non-beardy. Or click on our little online poll and tell us if you’re a fan of the stubble, or is clean-shaven the way to go?

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Gayle Buchanan
15 June 2014 #

Helping creative SME’s do what they do best – Go Xero

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