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Introducing Federal e-file for US Payroll

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Oliver Furniss
Posted by Oliver Furniss

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Federal e-file in US Payroll. Back in April we released the first version of Taxes & Filings. This provided you with signature ready completed tax forms to ensure you could meet your filing obligations.

Easily meet your Federal payroll tax obligations with Federal e-file

With Federal e-file, Xero creates and electronically files your Federal payroll tax forms for you. This allows you to file with the IRS online, at anytime from anywhere to meet your filing obligations. Federal e-file is available to customers on Premium pricing plans. To use Federal e-file it’s required that you enroll your business with Xero. For instructions on how to enroll please click here.

Xero Payroll Federal e-file

Although we’re not yet at our goal of making everything electronic, we’ve achieved a key milestone in this release with Federal e-file. We’re now focused on bringing you Federal electronic payments and other key improvements to continue to strengthen the experience.

Our vision is to provide you with the worlds best payroll experience for small businesses, in all states, allowing you to manage your payroll; easily and without fear. However, at this time we have no plans in the short term to support more states as we focus on the experience in the current states. With our Payroll Add-Ons you can still benefit from using Xero by using one of our integrated partners to manage your payroll.

For full details please check out our release notes or read more instructions in our Help Center.



Laura Dodson
June 26, 2014 at 11.09 am

This is great news!

June 27, 2014 at 9.46 am

Keep up the great work in those 7 Supported US States. They will be a catalyst for high growth in the US. As I mentioned in your past blog, when those 7 supported States had a great customer experience due to great features, the good news will spread across the States. Don’t get pressure from the customers of other States, Why we have not got this? Remember you want everything electronic in those 7 supported States.

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