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Accountex – let the fun commence!

It’s took an entire articulated lorry to get us to ExCeL London, but we’re finally here at Accountex. It’s bigger, it’s busier and it’s bustling with accountants, tax experts, pensions specialists and finance professionals – even a few solicitors from the Legalex conference which is taking place next door. And if they’ve got any sense, they’ll be heading for stand A330 where our Xero Village takes pride of place in the hall.

The Xero Village at Accountex

Getting busy at the Xero Village

Meet our add-ons family at Accountex and win a MacBook Air

You won’t just find the Xero team on our stand this year. We’ve also got 14 of our add-on partners here giving demos from their purpose built pods. They’ve certainly been busy so far – it’s great to see so many people wanting to find out about the flexibility of the Xero platform. Pick up one of our Partner Passports from stand A330, get a stamp from each of our add-ons and Xero and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a sleek, new MacBook Air.

Get tweeting and bag yourself some Xero swag

We’ve got bundles of Xero goodies to give away at the Xero Village. Tweet us your pics, videos and comments with the #xerovillage hashtag. Then just show your tweet to one of the Xero team and we’ll share some swag with you. We’ve got our awesome new Oystercard holders, waterbottles and some cool magnetic noughts and crosses games. And if you fancy reliving your childhood, we’ve got Xero yo-yos to hand out, with demos from two professional yo-yo champs on the stand showing you how it’s done. No strings attached *boom tish*.

Xero yo-yos at Accountex

Grab a Xero yo-yo

Don’t miss our keynote speech at 3pm on Thursday

Our MD, Gary Turner, will be taking to the stage in the Keynote Theatre at 3pm today. So make sure you’ve reserved your seat for what promises to be a controversial take on the future of cloud accounting. Gary’s been slaving over a hot MacBook for weeks tailoring his slides, so you won’t want to miss this.

 Xero demo on Mac

Get yer luvverly ice creams!

It’s nearly two o clock and that can mean only one thing. It’s time for some ice cream. We’ll be handing out our accountancy themed ice creams around Accountex. There’s ‘VAT Vanilla’ and ‘Coffee Bean Counting’ to choose from – take a pic and share it with us using the #xerovillage hashtag. So, grab a cone and then head over to the Keynote Theatre for our MD’s Xero presentation – you won’t look at cloud computing in the same way afterwards.

Ice creams at the Xero Village, Accountex

VAT Vanilla and Coffee Bean Counting ice creams

Are the PC’s days numbered? We think so.

Have we seen the beginning of the end for PCs in the workplace? If you were at the Keynote Theatre at 3pm today you’ll have seen our MD, Gary Turner, arguing that the desktop PCs day is well and truly over. In this post-PC world, working in the cloud no longer makes you an anomaly, but one of a growing majority of practices who’ve moved on from the flawed model of desktop-based accounting and have embraced cloud accounting.

Gary Turner at Accountex 2014

Gary Turner tells us why it’s the beginning of the end for PCs

Did the PC-era miss a golden opportunity to provide accounting services to the UK’s small businesses? We think so. When a large chunk of business owners are still relying on Excel spreadsheets to run their accounts, then you know that desktop-based accounting really missed a trick in the first few decades of the internet age. In 1999, 220m people were regularly using the internet: in 2014 that number has risen to approximately 2.5bn people. That’s an absolutely huge shift in usage and spotlights just how quickly technological change and internet adoption has moved. And it begs the question: if we’re using the internet and the cloud for our day-to-day leisure, entertainment and shopping activities then why not for our accounting needs as well? Many start-ups and small businesses are doing just that.

To cut to the chase, we believe this is a warning call to any practices who think that cloud accounting is a passing fad. All our experience tells us that small business owners are increasingly using cloud-based solutions, and expect their accountants to do the same. Very soon, if you’re not working in the cloud then you may not be working at all. If your digital-savvy clients are asking for a mobile, cloud solution, and you can’t offer it, you’re faced with a pretty bleak outlook for the future of your practice. So, our message is pretty simple: move to the cloud, forget the old desktop ways and learn about all the amazing benefits of a mobile accounting platform that helps you add tangible value for your clients. You won’t look back, we promise.




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