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Xero’s first retiree – another first for Xero

Xero first opened its door in 2006. Since then, we’ve come a long way. Our people have helped us achieve some really cool things and have played a massive part in our growth and culture. Tomorrow we see another milestone for Xero – our first retiree, Graeme Oswald.

Graeme Orslow small

Before Xero, Graeme had a long career in computing. A time when data was stored on paper tape and punch cards and large units were measured in kilobytes rather than today’s gigabytes, terabytes and other sorts of bytes. He’s even dabbled in programming accounting systems.

It was purely by chance that Graeme began his Xero journey in 2007. He made up one third of the Customer Care team as a jack of all trades – little specialization was needed back then. He set up bank feeds, answered customer queries on every topic (amazing!) and helped to drive our product changes.

Xero was still building up its functionality then, but it had bank feeds: a totally new concept to the market and Graeme was there to explain how it worked. He was a sounding board for the early customers and loved complex discussions about how Xero is, and could be used in the future. Xero was a small tight-knit team in those early days where everyone pitched in to get things done and even Rod would chime in late at night to answer a few customer queries.

Xero’s popularity grew and so did the features. Fixed assets and multi-currency were soon released and along with the morning sushi, Graeme had three new passions. Fixed Assets and multi-currency are still some of our most complex questions, but Graeme owns them. If you’ve have a question on either, Graeme has seen it, done it, and  solved it a hundred times before.

He reckons it’s too late to grow up. After retiring from Xero, Graeme plans to visit more places around the world – including a long-held ambition of trekking through Tibet.

Graeme has always been so generous with his time to customers, both internal and external. He’ll be sorely missed around here, but not only from a work point of view. He brought a great balance to the team with his expertise, keen eye around the pool table, and a sense of humor that often kept us kicking through the day.

From all of the Xero team (and customers), thank you Graeme for being a wonderful colleague and friend. We wish you all the very best on your new adventures.


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29 April 2014 #

I hope you really enjoy every minute of your retirement.

Gayle Buchanan
30 April 2014 #

Nice one Graeme, thanks so much for all you have done for us partners – cheers

Telita Halstead
30 April 2014 #

Thanks so much for your help with my fixed assets problem a few months ago. All the best in your next adventure! :)

Ramiz Gorgees
30 April 2014 #

Nice one Graeme, enjoy your overseas trips :)

Ed Henry
1 May 2014 #

Graeme, whilst we have never met I wish you all the best with your new start in life. I know what it’s like. My new adventure for my “retirement” last year was to take a journey with Xero and I’m loving every minute of it!

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