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Xero ‘top online accounting app’ – PCWorld & Macworld

Posted 4 years ago in Xero news by Ian Vacin
Posted by Ian Vacin

On Monday, Xero was named the “top choice” in the list of “favorite online-based business accounting apps” by both PCWorld and Macworld. We’re all about being online and accessible from a range of devices, so getting recognized as a favorite online accounting app by both PCWorld and Macworld was great validation of that accessibility.

The list also highlighted some features of Xero that we continue to hone through our ecosystem of add-on partners. Xero doesn’t have built-in time tracking, as the article notes, but we do have partnerships with over two dozen third-party vendors in this space. Why? We recognize that if we attempt to do everything ourselves, our core competences will suffer, so we look to our partners to extend Xero. These relationships allow our customers to build a customizable total business solution around Xero.

The articles had good things to say about our bank reconciliation process, dashboard, QuickBooks conversion service, reporting and iOS app (we just recently re-launched our Android app as well). Each one of these features has been a high priority for our product teams and we are continually tweaking and refining these functions in order to make Xero as “beautiful” as possible. Being recognized for all these things, some little and some large, is a welcomed sign that we are on the right track.

Being elegant, powerful and simple to use is key

In today’s world, your accounting platform must be simple yet elegant, powerful yet right-sized, focused yet best of breed. Xero encompasses all of those aspects utilizing world-class design, modern workflows with no data entry, depth in accounting and accountant tools, and delivered on a true platform with a vibrant ecosystem of applications available (over 300).  Most importantly, we have always believed that our software should be beautiful and function flawlessly, regardless of your operating system preference.

As a person who has met with author Jeff Battersby and others from Macworld and PCWorld for almost a decade to showcase different accounting products, it is a great honor to win the “top choice” award.

We are continuing to focus on improvements

While we appreciate the kind words from both PCWorld and Macworld, we are continuing to focus on improving Xero – day in and day out. We are always incorporating feedback from our customers and thinking of ways to do things differently.

Thank you to all our customers

From myself and the rest of the Xero team, thank you to all our customers (both small businesses and accounting professionals across the globe) for your feedback and support. You are helping us build the best online accounting platform on the planet.


March 13, 2014 at 5.32 pm

Hi Ryan – Xero does have a budget manager under the reports menu where you can enter your projections or annual operating plan. Then you can choose to run an income statement and compare budget to actual.

Robbie Dellow
March 14, 2014 at 6.05 pm

Yes, good to get Kudos from these two respected USA tech-sites. Albeit it seems to be the same review coverage.
I was hoping that Xero would take it out by a bit more than ‘a hair’ though. Was expecting the major US incumbent to be on the back foot a bit more. Seems they have a reasonable cloud solution worthy of competing with Xero.
Saying that Quickbooks is more ‘beautiful’ than Xero …. ouch!
Not being familiar with the USA Xero version and assuming that Jeff only rated the USA Xero, is there any NZ features that haven’t been rolled out in USA yet that could have tipped the scales even further Xero’s way?
Pedal to the metal, I guess. 😎

Heather Smith
March 16, 2014 at 5.15 am

Congrats Xero on this important recognition in the US.

My prediction is US Xero users will drive the push towards electronic transfers and away from the time consuming use of cheques….ooops checks.

During the writing of Xero for Dummies I was astonished to appreciate the reliance of cheques/checks in the North American market – reducing this reliance on checks seems to be a low hanging fruit opportunity towards improving productivity for North American small businesses.

March 21, 2014 at 5.42 am

We are looking to see if Xero can do 2 things:

1. Import data / file from Quickbooks and

2. Does it have enough accounting features to have it as a bookkeeping system for a legal firm based in Canada?

Thank you

Ross Bowering
March 21, 2014 at 2.02 pm

I am looking at Xero and like Jerry need EDI
we have this facility with attaché software and wish to import customer purchase orders to convert to a delivery docket and export customer invoices.
This is done through a clearing company B2Be
All or any help will be appreciated please

July 30, 2014 at 2.33 pm

Would like to see integration. Also more syncing with US banks and credit card companies.

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