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Self-paced learning for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Update:  Self-paced learning is now available for US and Australian accountant and bookkeeper partners as well. Rest of world soon to follow!

 Accountants and bookkeepers can now experience self-paced e-learning inside Xero. The new Training tab in My Xero for Partners is now available, where accountants and bookkeepers can learn online about Xero at their own pace – anywhere, anytime.

This exciting release will be rolled out for the UK and NZ editions of Xero, followed by the US and Australia, and comes after last month’s launch of Xero U, which brings live training events like webinars and classroom courses together in one place at

More than ever, we’re on the move and we’re busy, and not everyone in your accounting practice is on the same schedule. Self-paced learning will enable your practice staff to become certified Xero experts,  complete other courses, and monitor training progress to continue growing and accelerating your practice.

Check out our video to see how it works!



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14 March 2014 #

Good idea, will this become available for companies using Xero. It will be very useful when new staff start.



David Barton
14 March 2014 #

Love it !

Josh Farmer
14 March 2014 #

Hi Neil

At present we have plenty of great educational video content for businesses on Xero TV

And for courses and live training events like webinars check out Xero U

Plenty more content for small businesses to come so watch this space!

Heather Smith
16 March 2014 #

I look forward to the release of this initiative.

Will you be able to print of ‘courses completed’ at the end of a period, so you can submit them as CPD to your professional body.

If Matt Damon is working for ABC accountants, and completes courses via this method, then moves to work for XYZ accountants, can he transfer what he has achieved across to XYZ accountants Xero solution? i.e. Are the achievements sticky? Or will it look like he has started again.

Hi @Neil there is also @Xero For Dummies, which can be ordered on-line or at most high street book sellers in the UK. I was just in England and all book shops said they could deliver Xero for Dummies in 2 days – if your staff want a reference manual.

17 March 2014 #

The age of distance learning is finally came of age.

Josh Farmer
17 March 2014 #

Hi Heather,

You will receive a printed certificate of completion just like you would with the live certification training (webinar and classroom). We will be introducing the ability to print of an eCertificate shortly.

We can transfer an individuals achievements so they can take them with them to their new practice. That individual will not lose their certification status and have to start over again.

Great questions, and look forward to releasing it in Australia very soon!

Jeff Wilcox
18 March 2014 #

Awesome initiative. The video says that only Essentials is a prerequisite to certification. Will you be updating all of your material which says that you need to do Intro and Essentials as a prerequisite to certification?

Elizabeth Salter
19 March 2014 #

Great stuff. Looking forward to this being released for Aus.

Wendy Thompson
22 March 2014 #

Hi Josh
It would be good if the certificates just have the individual’s name and do not show a company name as Heather has mentioned previously. People change employers.

Maria Kalinowski
24 March 2014 #

Great idea. Love it.

Josh Farmer
24 March 2014 #

Thanks for the feedback @Wendy. We will streamlining to online certificates which will be much easier to transfer in future.

Cassandra Scott
24 March 2014 #

Fantastic!! Will training and certification already done be reflected in this?

Victoria Morgan
24 March 2014 #

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Terry Smith
24 March 2014 #

This is a good idea but i can think of more important updates than this!

When are going to be able to search for transactions across accounts, customers, suppliers etc. like other packages!!! oh i dont know, MYOB, Reckon accounts to name a few?

It is ridiculous that self paced learning got priority over this, a request that has been asked for and on your wish list for years. Why do we have to use various reports to find transaction but none functionality to find a transaction in any bank account, u have to go to each bank account and search individually. Do u know how time consuming that is? And before i am shouted down, i have logged a request on the website to include in future development.

24 March 2014 #

This is brilliant, this will really help strengthen the internal Xero training.

Jan Britton
24 March 2014 #

I agree with Cassandra, it would be nice to have details reflected for those who have previously become certified. I like the idea of self paced!

Ed Henry
24 March 2014 #

Great feature which will enable us to help internal staff get up to speed on Xero with progress and results available for both the staff member and us to keep track of.

Andrew Tokeley
24 March 2014 #

@Terry – I agree that global search is important and we will get there.

We work on a lot of different “products”, each with their own team and priorities. The e-learning work was done by a different team to the ones that work on core Xero features. So, in this sense, we haven’t impacted global search, or other requested features.

Current priorities for the Xero team are reporting, quotes and inventory – global search will come some time after we deliver these. Sorry we can’t move more quickly on this – send any web developers you know my way!

Sandra Collins
24 March 2014 #

Is there a fee for this Online Training and certification?

Paul Frost
24 March 2014 #


25 March 2014 #

Andrew, we keep on seeing comments like this “Current priorities for the Xero team are reporting, quotes and inventory” followed by comments like this “send any web developers you know my way” but movement on these tasks is glacial and from a quick look at your careers page, most development jobs are located in Auckland and Wellington barring what looks like region specific things like payroll. Now at the risk of offending my kiwi friends I hardly see these as a hotbed of web development in the region. Perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere as the likes of MYOB are fast catching up and in fact with areas like the API are probably now taking the lead.

25 March 2014 #

Like Neil, I would also like this available for companies.

Currently working as a bookkeeper for a company and see no reason why I, and others like me, should be excluded from the opportunity.

25 March 2014 #

How much will it cost?

Simon Magner
26 March 2014 #

Hi guys, great to see the new roll out. As a partner outside of these markets when can we realistically expect to see this avail? Also gr8 update to xero for iPhone with files, now I just need to be able to raise bills from my phone :)

26 March 2014 #

Thanks for the heads up on Zero for dummies, just ordered it.
Very frustrated with my limitations on zero. Look forward to the on line training.
Still sitting on the fence with zero as having been a long time MYOB user and many other accounting packages.

27 March 2014 #

I am very excited to see this and I hope you will soon be rolling this element of Xero out to the UK and Ireland.

Josh Farmer
1 April 2014 #

@SandraCollins & @Rachel – normally there is a cost associated with the certification course but special offers may apply.

@Nick At present eLearning is in app for the Partner Edition of Xero and we do have future plans to expand that. There is also a whole host of live sessions available on Xero U at and of course our handy tutorials on

@SimonMagner eLearning for the rest of the globe is looking likely for our next release so very soon!

@Eoin It’s available now in the UK and shortly will be available to the rest of the world including Ireland.

Josh Farmer
1 April 2014 #

@Denise Have you checked out our Xero Essentials videos on Xero TV? They’re really useful for helping you discover Xero’s features:

If there’s a limitation that’s holding you back let us know, there might be something we can do to help! Just drop us an email at

2 April 2014 #

E learning that is looking likely to come out in the next release. how far away is that likely to be. Can’t wait to get started

Josh Farmer
3 April 2014 #

@Susab Glad you’re looking forward to it! e-Learning for customers in other regions is not far away at all now. Looking on track for the end of this month.

4 April 2014 #

Awesome stuff. Would love to do this when rolled out in New Zealand. Great Xero.

6 April 2014 #

Great that you support accountants and book keepers but how about supporting the end users as well by offering phone access to trainers or a helpdesk? The reply within 48 hours, e-mail only, support system is to say the least frustrating. I have lost count of the times I have received a reply that does not answer my question.
A knowledgeable phone operator could clear up 99.9% of my questions in a matter of minutes. I would be happy to pay for this type of support. I prefer to spend time on running my business, not on trying to decipher what all the different tabs and options mean on the p&l report screen or reading through pages of info on your help screens, to me this is not the most effective use of my time.

Also agree with others on this blog, although Xero has many, many positives it also has very basic functionality problems that should take priority over certifying accountants. Of course it’s up to you guys to decide which of your internal development teams get the best cut of the budget, but I do question your priorities.

Xero is definitely beautiful accounting software to look at how about making it user friendly as well?

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