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Accounting API: 10 new features so far in 2014

This morning’s 2.46 release of the core accounting API provides developers with the ability to retrieve repeating invoices. This feature became more compelling to provide with the recent advances our reporting add-on partners have made in the area of cashflow forecasting – repeating invoices include some key information on this front that will make these applications even more useful.

We are proud to be moving quickly on the release front with 10 key features released in the first three months of 2014:

API releases 2013-2014

You can see from the release notes page that in addition to these 10 features, we have shipped quite a number of additional releases to tidy up bugs and improve performance: stability and reliability are our highest priority.

With so much going on, it can be tricky to stay on top of it all, so we have been doing a few things to help communicate our releases and future plans:

There is lots still to do on the API front: improvements to existing features, opening up main application features that do not yet have an API, and of course, chipping away at what has been voted for in our developer feature request forum.

As always, don’t be shy about telling us what you are after in accounting API world.


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Heather Smith
31 March 2014 #

Congrats to the API team – appreciate your hard work :)

Jamie McDonald
1 April 2014 #

Please expose Files functionality to the API. We want to be able to automatically deliver bank and credit card statements to a folder on Xero Files like Xero/Banks Statements.

Ronan Quirke
1 April 2014 #

@Jamie you can stay up to date on progress for this here: In addition to a files endpoint, a bank statement endpoint is also under consideration so you could upload that sort of data right into a bank or credit card account:

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