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Financial Advisors Wealth Enhancers reach Gold status

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Trent Innes
Posted by Trent Innes

The momentum we’re seeing in the Financial Advisor space is continuing to grow: Wealth Enhancers is the first Financial Advisor to reach Gold Partner status, with over 100 clients on Xero Cashbook.

Wealth Enhancers pose for a photo after becoming Xero's first Australian Financial Advisor to reach Gold status

Picture L-R:  Finn Kelly, CEO, Wealth Enhancers, Sarah Riegelhuth, Co-Founder, Wealth Enhancers, Trent Innes, National Sales Director, Xero Australia

Here’s the media release on the announcement

Leading Gen Y advisory firm Wealth Enhancers is the first Financial Advisor Partner in Australia to achieve Xero Gold Partner status, which is awarded to partners with over 100 clients on Xero.

In case this is the first you’ve heard of Xero: Our online accounting software company for small businesses and their advisors stepped into the financial advisor space in 2013 with Xero Cashbook. Xero Cashbook is a platform for income and expense classification for financially advised clients. It has seen a huge uptake in the space with well over 300 financial advisors signing up as partners since August 2013.

From an advisor perspective, having access to real-time information that is built in the cloud, helps them provide proactive advice and ensure  their client’s wealth creation is constantly  optimised. This financial transparency helps  clients  ensure they receive optimum value out of the money they spend.

From a technology perspective, Wealth Enhancers co-founder Sarah Riegelhuth believes in moving with the times.

“Xero has truly changed the way we deliver advice. The outcomes our clients are getting are far superior to what they ever were in the past. I can’t even imagine giving advice without the use of Xero anymore.

“Wealth Enhancers has always been big on technology and innovation, and Xero is just another example of where we have gained efficiencies. We’re able to provide better advice and generate greater outcomes for clients all whilst enabling further organic growth through satisfied clients referrals.”

Xero Australia National Sales Director Trent Innes says the demand they’re seeing in the financial advisor space with Xero Cashbook is momentous.

“The fact that Wealth Enhancers achieved Gold Partner status so quickly is truly commendable and demonstrates the value that Xero Cashbook provides to financial advisors,” he says.

Find out more about becoming a Financial Advisor with Xero

Xero offers a free online introductory course for more information on Xero Cashbook for financial advisors. Check out the Xero events page to find out more.



Timothy Munro
February 19, 2014 at 1.31 pm

Congratulations guys! That’s a great achievement. I passionately believe that the “sleeping giant” in the wealth creation area is the use of Xero Cashbook as part of a Wealth Builder package for clients. Getting all individual clients onto Xero Cashbook is my firm’s new priority now that we have 100% business clients using Xero!

Richard Francis
February 19, 2014 at 2.51 pm

Well done Wealth Enhancers – great to see Xero Cashbook being used as the base tool for this important data collection process. We’ve certainly found it useful in our own practice and of course with some Spotlight analysis thrown in.

And nice work Tim, good to see progressive accountants doing this ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ for clients.

Heather Smith
February 19, 2014 at 7.23 pm

Hi @HeatherSmithAU here,

Congrats Finn & Sarah.

I’d be interested to know what add-on solutions from the Xero eco-system – if any – you’re using in the Financial Advisory space.

It seems Spotlight or FathomHQ are a great comparative tool for you as Financial Advisors.

I’ve heard from people wiser than me, that Sharesight and PocketRent both plug nicely into cashbooks, offering the client management over their shares, and residential rental properties, respectively.

Is there anything else that fits into this space?

Thanks for the information about the free course – I’ll pass it on.

Thanks also Xero for offering so many free courses – it’s influencing a lot of other companies to follow suit and offer free learning opportunities.

Heather Smith

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