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Powerful business planning with LivePlan

LivePlan is a cloud based solution from Palo Alto Software – veterans in the business planning space. It can help you with everything from pitch creation and business planning to ongoing financial management. By connecting Xero to LivePlan, you can analyze your accounting information in real-time in order to keep your business on track.

Business planning is a great tool for any business. In fact, a Cranfield University study proved that those who write and track their  business plan experience 30% more growth potential than those who don’t engage in planning.

Who is it for?

LivePlan is for both established business owners and entrepreneurs who are just getting their ideas off the ground. Its functionality allows you to:

  • Write a complete business plan
  • Deliver a professional pitch to investors/lenders
  • Monitor your progress and track your growth

Xero Add-on LivePlan

How LivePlan works with Xero

Connect LivePlan with Xero to import your financials into the LivePlan Scoreboard. This integration will allow you to track how your business is doing, in real time, and compare your progress against your forecast.

Where you can use LivePlan

LivePlan works for users in over 172 countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Try out LivePlan for free

You can sign up to try out LivePlan with Xero for free. Find out how here.


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Really interesting because I think this will help me explain to my clients the big picture of switching to Xero – it’s no some much switching financial software but it’s really about business development.

Michael Mori
11 February 2014 #

I looked at this last month and was thinking how great it would be if it could be linked to XERO – once again, XERO is ahead of the game. LivePlan is also amazing.

14 February 2015 #

Hi Guys,

For any experienced users, do you know which version would make more sense for Australia?

They currently have a UK and US version…


David Pollock
24 February 2015 #

Hi Michael, according to LivePlan, they only have one version– but you can change the currency to suit your needs. Hope that helps!


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