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Re-Leased: Property management software

Re-Leased Xero Add-on
Re-Leased is a cloud-based property management software which is making life easier for property owners and managers across the world.

Re-Leased provides powerful tools to automate and simplify much of the tenant and property management process allowing landlords and managers to spend less time on administration, and more time growing their property portfolio.

Who is it for?

Re-Leased is suitable for two key groups: property managers and property owners. This can include private investors, real estate agents, family trusts, government agencies, syndications, accountants and lawyers.

Re-Leased has been built specifically for commercial and larger residential property companies. Typically, users manage between $1 million and $500 million dollar property portfolios.

How it works with Xero

Re-Leased pushes and pulls all invoices, contacts, tax types, accounts and tracking categories from the Xero API. It can automatically generate rent and property expense invoices and send them to Xero via the API. “Our integration has allowed our users to reduce their administration time by up to three days a month. We are about to hit $500 million dollars of invoices synced in the past 6 months.” – Tom Wallace, Re-Leased Founder & CEO.

Where can you use it?

Re-Leased is 100% cloud based and can be used anywhere, anytime through any browser based device. Being cloud based, Re-Leased enables you to be mobile. They also have iPhone and Android applications in development which are due to be launched this year.

Try Re-Leased today, for free.

Sign up with Re-Leased today and receive a 30 day, no obligations, free trial.
Not sure if Re-Leased is right for you? Schedule a demo with the Re-Leased team to find out more.


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6 February 2014 #

If anyone knows of a similar app built for the Canadian banking system that schedules direct debits from renters and makes subsequent payments back to a property owner (less agreed fees) in less than 7 days we’d be forever grateful for the intro!

Jerry Zhao
6 February 2014 #

Nice, can’t wait to test it out!

Would there be any issue with different currencies?

Ramiz Gorgees
6 February 2014 #

Hi LiveCA,

Re-Leased can pull the bank feed data from Xero, as long as that bank has a integration. When you go to reconcile your accounts, you can split the payments in Xero as rent and property management fees.

Re-Leased will then update that data in real time to show the rent has been split between the owner and property manager.

Using Xero powerful general ledger and Re-Leased, allows you to perform this task in minutes.

Let me know a good time to demo this for you.


Ramiz Gorgees

Ramiz Gorgees
6 February 2014 #

Hi Jerry,

No issues with multi currency, we have clients in Canada, US, UK, South Africa, AU and NZ.

We use Xero’s powerful API to pull your multi currency transactions.

Let me know a good time to demo this for you.


Ramiz Gorgees

6 February 2014 #

@Ramiz – Thanks for the follow-up. Sure, let’s get together for a demo. I have a feeling we’re talking apples and oranges, but happy to chat nonetheless.

Skype is ‘liveca_chad’.

Gayle Buchanan
6 February 2014 #

Industry built and tested … it’s just awesome

Scott Simenauer
6 February 2014 #

Nice work guys! Loving the program. Definitely a must for property managers looking to evolve their business onto the cloud.

20 April 2014 #

This website deals with rental property management software. Does anyone know if they are the best resource for rental property management software? I was looking for a site that has had a lot of real user activity or stats to back up what they do. Suiteblue is very useful for you.If someone has any ideas please post here or PM me, thanks!

Marianne Hope
23 April 2014 #

Hi I currently us which I have had no problem with, you can also import the bank statement in RentHQ from XERO which is useful.



13 May 2014 #

Can’t seem to reach Xero at moment. Can anyone tell me if their Xero Software is capable of producing real estate Trust Account Receipts (i.e. for a Buyers Deposit)?
Thank you

Riley James
14 May 2014 #

Hi Margaret,

We have some details on handling trust accounting within Xero available in the help centre. It’s worth reaching out to re-leased to see if they can provide this as a feature.

24 May 2014 #

Hi all, wondering if Re-Leased can also support a booking system ?? Some of my properties are short stay and therefore I need to have a calendar and payment system that directly feeds into Xero ??
Any suggestions ??

Bob K
24 October 2014 #

Is the system suitable for use in the UK?
And to echo Judy 24 May 2014 does it include a booking system?

19 January 2015 #

Would also be interested to know if this is available in the UK.

Ramiz Gorgees
20 January 2015 #

Hi Bob, Aaron,

We do service the UK market, and we are growing rapidly in Europe.

Bob to answer your question regarding the booking system. Re-Leased can handle short term bookings, it will give vacancy reports and when people are exiting the property.

But the system was built to manage property, and may lack some of the reports that a booking system would offer.


Masud Mirdha
16 March 2015 #

Does it also do Sales Rep/Property Sales/Trust Accounting?

Victoria Haldane
27 March 2015 #

I’m looking for property management software for a new company and am wondering if re-leased has a facility that allows property inspections to be entered directly into the system including photos and then emailed to the landlord?

Also, if rent is paid directly to the landlords account is there a facility that allows the property manager to check the rent has been paid on the due date without seeing all their other banking information – so just rent paid transactions?

I’d like more information on how it works for property managers.

Thanks for your help

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