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Introducing Peter Karpas

I’m up in San Francisco this week as our new North American CEO Peter Karpas joins the team.

There was video crew in the office so managed to get him on film …

When I first met Peter at PayPal a couple of years ago I thought he was one of the smartest people I’d met and we had a great session sparking off each other. It’s fantastic to have him on the team and leading our US efforts.


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Gayle Buchanan
27 February 2014 #

Welcome to the family Peter (love the top 4 reasons for coming to Xero)

Heather Smith
27 February 2014 #

Yes Peter I agree with @Gayle, your four reasons resonated with me too;

“I think Xero can win”

Indeed helping small business with their back-office accounting solution is something that matters!

Kirsten Barrie
27 February 2014 #

Thank you, Peter, for joining us and helping us “change the world”! Team USA!

Elizabeth Salter
27 February 2014 #

Love your passion, Peter!

Debra Yuille
28 February 2014 #

Love your first reason Peter! :)
And your last reason is also pretty darn good!!!

28 February 2014 #

Baller watch you have there Rod.

Tom Limroth
1 March 2014 #

I’m liking the added horsepower for the US market!

With the Microsoft background of some of the new guys any chance we’ll start seeing some Windows phone integration soon?

Rod Drury
1 March 2014 #

@Tom – none of our ex Microsoft execs use Windows Phone
@Rod – the watch story …

Bruce Campbell
2 March 2014 #

Peter seems so young…but then that is probably because I am so old I guess

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