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Exporting data from Xero to TaxACT

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Peter Wen
Posted by Peter Wen

The U.S. tax season is now in full swing and most practices are looking for ways to increase efficiency in order to process a high a volume of returns. Much of the time drain caused by tax prep is due to manual data entry so we’re pleased to announce that customized exports to TaxACT are now available. These reports make it easier to export your data from Xero to TaxACT.

TaxACT is a leading provider of tax preparation solutions and recently launched online filing for Partnership (Form 1065) and Corporate returns (Form 1120 and 1120S). TaxACT Online can be accessed from any browser, allowing users to prepare, print and e-file anytime, anywhere. In addition to Federal 1065, 1120S and 1120 solutions, TaxACT supports 33 states and e-file for 26 states.

Find the details on how to export data from Xero to TaxACT after the turn.

How to use TaxACT with Xero

Step 1: Select “Export” in the “Advisor” drop-down

TaxACT with Xero - Step 1


Step 2: Find TaxACT in the “Select Product” drop-down. This will download a CSV file of your trial balance with the name of  “Xero Org Name_TAXACT_TB_ YYYY_MM_DD”.

TaxAct with Xero - Step 2

Step 3:  Import your Xero trial balance

TaxACT with Xero - Step 3

Step 4: Select your trial balance report from your desktop

TaxACT with Xero - Step 4

Step 5: Import this CSV file into TaxACT Business and review auto-mapping of tax line items

TaxACT with Xero - Step 5

Step 6: Print import summary report and finalize import

TaxACT with Xero - Step 6

Step 7: Select Import

TaxACT with Xero - Step 7

Step 8: Review Examiner screens for income, deductions and credits

TaxACT - Step 8

Step 9: Print, review and file return.

That’s it! Leave a comment below on how you use Xero during US tax season.

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Jayme Kinneberg
January 17, 2018 at 10.13 am

Called TaxAct in Jan 2018 for filing a 1120 C Corporate Return. Xero no longer imports into TaxAct.

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