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Xero Performance Issues

Production Performance issues: 27th Jan GMT – current

Xero’s performance monitoring has indicated slowdowns within the Xero App. This will result in occasional but widespread slowness loading pages within Xero. The performance degradation appears to be related to load, with performance returning to normal after peak load times (9pm-5am GMT).

The Operations and Development teams are investigating this as our highest priority. We will continue to update this blog with more developments until performance is returned to normal. The next update will be at 8:30pm Weds 29th Jan GMT.

Our apologies for the delay in posting this notification. We have been actively working on a fix for the issue since noticing it yesterday and hoped to have it resolved this morning. This afternoon it became apparent that our initial fix had not worked and the issue may be on-going.

We acknowledge the frustration this may be causing for users, and thank you for your support while we pull out all the stops to get this fixed.


Performance Issues Update:  8:30pm Weds 29th Jan GMT

The team has been working overnight on the performance problem. We’re following several leads about what could be causing slowdowns in web page load times and we’re working closely with our technology partners for diagnostics.

At this point we do not have an ETA for a fix but will update with more progress by 12am Thurs 30th Jan GMT.


Performance Issues Update:  12am Thurs 30th Jan GMT

We have made changes in the Xero environment and performance has improved compared to the same time yesterday.

Performance is still not as good as we would like so we continue to focus on this issue as our highest priority.

The team is preparing more changes to bring performance back inline with our expectations and we’ll be applying these through the day.

We will update the blog again at 4:30am Thurs 30th GMT


Performance Issues Update: 4:30am Thurs 30th GMT

The changes made today have improved performance. We are still seeing some slowdowns though. The team is continuing to chase them with deep diagnostics and help from our technology partners.

We’ll be working through the evening on improving performance, and will update the blog with more news at 8:30pm Thurs Jan 30 GMT.


Performance Issues Update: 8:30pm Thurs Jan 30 GMT.

The team’s work overnight has resulted in substantial performance improvements. However we are still seeing very occasional slowdowns.

We are continuing to investigate and will make performance improving changes throughout the day.

The blog will be updated again at 2am Fri 31st Jan GMT.


Performance Issues Update: 2am Fri 31st Jan GMT

We have rolled out further changes which have improved Xero performance overall. We’re monitoring these changes to ensure that they have made sufficient improvement. The team is on standby to continue diagnostics if performance drops again.

We will update the blog 9:00pm Sun, Feb 2 GMT at the latest, earlier if performance worsens.


Performance Issues Update: 9:00pm Sun, Feb 2 GMT.

We have implemented changes that have improved application performance across the board. We are continuing to monitor the system but at this stage we believe the performance issue is resolved.

If you are seeing on-going issues, please contact Customer Care with details and we will investigate.



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29 January 2014 #

A Blog seems an unusual place to notify users of system wide problems. Is there a reason why Xero does not simply send a push notification via the message feature within the Xero software itself so all users know of potential problems not just users who happen to read this blog?
Xero sends messages promoting updates etc. It seems like they like to spread the good news but shy away from the bad news. Like that email issue last year.
Having said that it’s good to know that they are onto the problem.

Gayle Buchanan
30 January 2014 #

cheers for that, have focused on other client issues within xero while it slowed down so a plus for me today – spent for time listening (lol)

Pamela Hawk
30 January 2014 #

New customer who noticed the slow page loads yesterday. Glad to hear it is being addressed as I was stressed over possibly looking for another solution. Please continue to keep us posted.

Rebecca Downes
30 January 2014 #

Hi Pamela,

Sorry to hear that your new customer was impacted. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated.

Rebecca Downes
30 January 2014 #

Hi Gayle,

Glad to hear that there’s a silver lining!

Rebecca Downes
30 January 2014 #

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll raise that with the Product teams as an idea. We definitely want to communicate with all our customers as effectively as possible (about the good news and the occasional not-so-good news).

31 January 2014 #

Xero’s transparency is second to none. Thank you!

3 February 2014 #

I am still finding xero to be hanging on certain pages and requests.

Rebecca Downes
3 February 2014 #

Thanks @Rod. :)

@Luke I’m sorry to hear that. Could you contact Customer Care with details? They’ll be able to help us dig into that.

4 February 2014 #

I’m also having intermittent issues including hanging on certain pages, like this just now while trying to create an invoice from a PO:

Rebecca Downes
4 February 2014 #

Hi Chris,

I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we won’t be able to help diagnose that via the blog but if you contact our Customer Care team at they’ll be able to dive into the details with you.

15 February 2014 #

Xero not working!! Everytime I tried to log in, it gives me this error:
An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #97.c5d756cf.1392415923.695e9ef

15 February 2014 #

Hi Lesley, we’re experiencing an outage right now and just in the middle of investigating. We’ll pop up a new blog post when we’re back online. So sorry for this inconvenience.

24 February 2014 #

Any Xero issues today people? Seems better to ask via the
blog than wait to be advised anything via Xero, Web page wont load, wont let us log in, all other computer functions fine except logging into Xero….bugger in the middle of a payroll……aghh

Rebecca Downes
24 February 2014 #

Hi @Lisa,

No issues that we’re aware of at the moment. I’ve just run a quick test and I’m able to login okay. Could you reach out to our support team at They’ll be able to dive into some testing with you and find out what’s causing the problem. They’re always available and happy to help.

ray S
21 April 2014 #

Just starting to use this but seems slow compared to when i used quicken, My internet speed is fast and everything working right. I think because it goes to server and back it slows down entries. This is a deal killer, i cant imagine waiting for the delays times the thousand entries i have to do

Rebecca Downes
22 April 2014 #

Hi Ray – sorry to hear that you’re experiencing slow-downs. We’re not aware of any platform issues right now but please reach out to our customer care team at They’ll be able to help diagnose what’s causing problems for you there.

Martin Pope
12 January 2015 #

We are having severe problems right now. Have tried to upload a bank statement 6 times – Xero just wont upload. Tried everything . . . exasperated!

Rebecca Downes
12 January 2015 #

Hi Martin. Sorry to hear you’re having problems with bank statements. Everything looks ok from our end so we’ll have to dig into some specific trouble-shooting with you to get to the bottom of this. Can you reach out to the Customer Experience team on They’ll be able to work through the symptoms you’re seeing and help get that statement uploaded for you.

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