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Turn unpaid invoices into money in the bank with Fundbox

Fundbox funding

Fundbox helps business owners improve their cash flow by transferring the amount of outstanding invoices to their bank accounts.

It provides a quick and simple way to improve your cash flow by advancing unpaid invoices.  You’ll repay the amount over a 90 day period along with a small fee. You have the option to repay the full amount at any time and Fundbox will reimburse all the fees for the remaining period.

Who is it for?

It can work for any business that sends invoices or sells on credit. From creative professionals to manufacturing, any business wanting to improve their cash flow should consider Fundbox as a way to get cash into their bank faster.

How it works with Xero

Fundbox easily connects with Xero, pulling out all the relevant data to determine your funding levels based on company financials. It is just a matter of connecting Xero to your Fundbox account. Once the data analysis is completed, you can start clearing invoices to receive funding.

Where you can use it

Fundbox is currently available to Xero customers based in the US with at least six months accounting data, and who are currently using Xero for invoicing.

Sign up for a free Fundbox account

You can sign up with Fundbox for free, no credit card required.


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Joe Tiddy
17 January 2014 #

Anyone aware of an NZ equivalent?

Paul Benedetto
19 January 2014 #

This is exciting news and sounds like a great offering for small businesses who are not yet bankable, in the traditional sense. I plan to test with a number of my clients, as early as next week! Will share my experiences with the company once I have some history.

Sid Maestre
22 January 2014 #

Not just yet, but we would love to see some innovation in the space in other markets:

The closest thing we have is only available to law firms & accounting firms:

25 February 2015 #

Wouldn’t it make sense to also integrate it going the other way? Setup an account called Fundbox with automatic integration for reconciliation. I guess that would just be too easy…

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