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Developer Lunch Box series soon to return

Posted 4 years ago in Platform by Helena Gannon
Posted by Helena Gannon

We are excited to announce that our “Developer Lunch Box” series, aimed at giving prospective employees a taste of what it’s like to work for Xero, will be up and running again soon at Xero in Auckland and Wellington.

We ran our last session in October last year and had lots of interest – more than we had space for! In the end, 15 attendees were selected to come and have lunch on us where they got to meet and speak with CEO Rod Drury, and heard from early Xero employee Kirk Jackson who provided great insight into the development of the Xero platform.

Xero Developer Lunch Box

Here’s some of the feedback from last year’s session:

“I loved the expression of interest gathering!  It was a wonderful way to get insights into what makes Xero a great company to work for.  To an outsider, it provided a meaningful perspective by having key people involved with its success share their stories.” – Dirk

“Firstly, thank you for having me yesterday. It was great to get some insights into Xero. I, along with two other attendees got a bit of a guided tour around the office and I found this extremely helpful. “ – Jie

We have since hired Jie and Dirk!

Why we do it:

The Developer Lunch is just one of our tactics we use to bring awesome and talented people on our journey. When we’re looking for a new developer to join the team, we look for people who:

·         Are passionate about their industry

·         Are always on top of their game and producing clean, amazing code

·         Have a willingness to share the knowledge; a real team player

·         Love working in a design-led environment, being creative and want to take over the world with a product like no other.

So what’s in it for you?

We’ve got an awesome work environment, free food and drink, games and all the tools you need to create clean code. Leave your corporate clothes in the wardrobe and get your coffee fix from our onsite barista in Wellington. We also encourage ongoing training so get involved in meetups, events and  other things in the wider developer community that help you grow your skills.

And we let off some steam when we have to. Here are some pictures of our recent Nerf battle – some proof that as well as working hard, we play hard too.

If you have what it takes to be a Xero Developer, we want to hear from you. Have a look at our Careers page to check out the many roles that suit a broad range of development expertise, and when our next Developer Lunch Box session is taking place.

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