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Australian Xero Partner markets to not-for-profits

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Marina Holmes
Posted by Marina Holmes

As part of our global marketing case study, Xero Partner ‘Matrix on Board’ has created an inspiring video promoting their services to non-profit organisations throughout Australia.

Using their Alice Springs-based nonprofit client BushMob as a case study, Matrix on Board told the story of how they’ve used Xero to offer a solution that was easy for anyone to use, creates beautiful financial reporting and gives the ability to access support from afar.

Bush Mob Matrix on Board (Xero Partner)

BushMob helps disadvantaged and disaffected Australian youth by taking them to the bush for adventure-based activities, helping them to heal and encouraging them to reconnect with society.

Matrix’s financial management support has helped BushMob enhance its ability to bring positive change to the lives of young people, many of whom struggle with drugs and alcohol.

Prime use of the Xero Co-operative Advertising fund

Supported by the Xero Co-operative Advertising fund, Matrix Marketing Manager Melanie McKendry, said Matrix was pleased that Xero could help to implement the campaign aimed at growing its client base.

“We wanted to say to non-profits [like BushMob] that we understand you, we can be there for you, no matter where you are — and Xero is the product to help us do that. Because of Xero’s cloud functionality, it can be applied to any organisation anywhere in Australia.”

Clara Fejo was one young woman remotely trained by Matrix and speaks fondly in the video of the benefits to the organisation of the Matrix and Xero solution.

“It helps us to look after the young people in our communities. We let them know we’re going to be here for a long time, because we’ve learned to budget a little bit better – because we can see exactly where this money is. With Xero, it’s right in front of you.”

A golden opportunity to communicate

Matrix CEO Morri Young said the challenge Matrix faced in communicating its unique offering to remote non-profits was addressed beautifully by the campaign video.

“For remote communities, it’s difficult to describe what we do in words or advertising,” he said.

“Sometimes non-profits aren’t used to outsourcing and aren’t used to capacity building or mentoring, so the video was a golden opportunity to explain that we provide these services and illustrate that through a longstanding partnership in a remote area.”

“It shows Xero’s contribution as a cloud-based solution available ‘anywhere, anytime’ with a single ledger — meaning that whether Matrix staff were in Sydney or Alice Springs, we could look at the same accounts that BushMob were looking at,” Young said.

“The video shows in just a few minutes what would have taken us pages and meetings and all sorts of other promotion to address.”

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