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Seeing partners thrive

A video from from one of our lovely partners Jeri Murphy.


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Elizabeth Salter
30 December 2013 #


30 December 2013 #

I appreciate to hearing your interview.

Derek Draper
31 December 2013 #

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Jeri in the past. She is a wealth of knowledge in all things Xero and add-ons. She has been an inspiration during our pivot into cloud-based accounting.

James Bremner
31 December 2013 #

Jeri, well done, great interview!! Quite a story. Amazing to think of the change the cloud and a customer focused company can generate for so many people.

Wayne Schmidt
31 December 2013 #

Working in the Xero ecosystem is so rewarding! Great to see Jeri thriving, and yes, I was able to feature one of Jeri’s videos in my last newsletter (never miss an opportunity for some free promotion hehe).

Denis Breen
1 January 2014 #

Well done Jeri – great interview

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