Xero API in 2013: lots done, bring on 2014

Today the Xero API team shipped their final release for 2013, adding support for creating accounts via the API.

What is most notable for me is the pace at which the  API development teams are delivering really useful improvements to the Core accounting and payroll APIs – API users are loving it.

Xero API product manager Tony Rule reckons his team has shipped six major feature releases in the last 12 weeks alone, but he might be under selling it a bit – this is just a flavour of what the team has achieved in 2013:

Xero API 2013 timeline

It is worth noting that all these features have been shipped without breaking changes to our existing API – developers can pick up new features if they want, but we put a special effort into making sure existing integrations still work.

Xero API team going global

While the Core accounting API team is based in Wellington, the Payroll team in Canberra have been driving development of the Payroll API.

In addition, we now have API team members in Melbourne and San Francisco working with developers looking to partner with Xero – our developer relations team.

What is next?

Keeping up with new features being released by the rest of the Xero team and exposing them via the API is always a challenge, but we continue to invest in both the API and our partner program with the goal of always having the best accounting APIs and partner program to complement it.

To find out what we have in store for 2014, join one of our developer hangouts, and don’t forget to subscribe to our developer mailing list to stay on top of what we are shipping.


Kim Armstrong
December 13, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Thank you for the updates in the Contact section of Xero. However, if I may, there are a couple of things I would like to see in the future updates. For example in the section for Primary Person & other people – could you please consider adding a box for the person’s position and their personal mobile number on the same line. Also, could you please consider adding another Attention line to each of the Contact Details section for relevant numbers associated with contact eg Customer numbers etc. If you provide an email address I can send you an example of what I mean. Thanks, Kind Regards and Merry Christmas.

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