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Adding two Australian banking partners

As of today, we’re also announcing feeds for two additional Australian banking partners: Greater Building Society and Investec. More details are in our Help Centre. These feeds are available from today for all Greater Building Society and Investec customers, for Australian bank accounts.

A busy year with banking partners

We’ve had a busy year with direct banking integration. In the past 12 months we’ve added:

More bank feeds on the way

With our new page for financial institutions we’re receiving a lot more inquiries about direct feed support. Please invite your financial institution to take a look at the page and to get in touch with us.



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Andrew Haynes
3 December 2013 #

Woohoo! Finally bank feeds for The Greater. Investec is a bonus too, I love new partner bank feeds :)

Sean Limpens
3 December 2013 #

Any progress with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank?

Matt Vickers
3 December 2013 #

Hi @Sean, nothing we can share presently, though I note Bendigo tweeted this this morning, so we can infer that it’s probably being progressed internally.

Sean Limpens
3 December 2013 #

Great, thanks Matt

Michael Mori
7 December 2013 #

If Investec is originallt South African, then surely it should not be an issue to make them the first South African bank feed partner. This is a great opportunity to get the bank feeds working here.

9 December 2013 #

What about ANZ Business Online saver accounts & Commercial (Business) Credit Cards?

Matt Vickers
10 December 2013 #

Hi Nicole – if the bank can deliver the data to us we can process it. Have you asked ANZ about adding support for these accounts?

30 December 2013 #

Great news!
Made a new Xero account just a few days ago, hoping you will realize automatic bank imports for Dutch banks also. (Especially the Dutch Rabobank)
In the Netherlands, there are only 4 major banks. Almost every business have an account with one of these banks. Maybe a good opportunity for Xero to have a real access to the Europe mainland?
All the other Xero setup works fine for Dutch companies!

11 October 2014 #

Any news on Bendigo or perhaps some more of the big credit unions like SGE? I would love to take my business banking out of a bank that invests in fossil fuels (see ) but need an ethical bank that supports xero feeds!

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