Xero Roadshow: “Mahalo” from Honolulu

All good things must come to an end and today marks our last live US Roadshow event here in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. For the past 30 days, Xeros have traveled across the US to hold Roadshow events at 20 cities – from Seattle to San Diego, Baltimore to Boston, and Dallas to Denver. From the Xero Roadshow team, we wanted to say “thanks” to each and every one of you who came to see us.

We had almost 1500 accounting professionals register to attend and we had great attendance at each and every event. It’s been amazing to meet so many Xero partners and future partners and not only share what is happening at Xero but have you sharing your stories, your frustrations and your excitement with us.

In addition to the stories, you shared with us your small business tips. We are still getting all the cards together and putting a final tally in place, but you have collectively submitted over 500 tips to help small businesses. To give you a flavor, we created this Storify collection and small business tip video that highlights several of you and your advice. Again, from Xero and small businesses around the globe, thank you. We’ll post more about them in the future.

Many of you have spoken up on why we didn’t have a Roadshow event in places like Nashville, Austin, Boise and others. We heard you and I am happy to announce that we have extended the Roadshow for one more special event – the Xero Virtual US Roadshow! Running live on December 3rd starting at 11 AM EST, we are going to take all of you that didn’t have a Roadshow event in your local area through the same exciting journey that others experienced this past month. Even if you did attend a live Roadshow, it is a great opportunity for others in your practice to attend. The Virtual Roadshow is broken into the following four sequential sections so be sure to register to each one:

Thanks to those who came to meet us at one of the Roadshow events this past month and we are looking forward to meeting many of more you on December 3rd.


November 27, 2013 at 11:12 am

hi probably not the place to write about this but i think you guys need to include what sick days we have accumulated to our payslips or at least when we log on to our xero profile.

cheers paul

Stuart McLeod
November 28, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Hi @Paul, our community is the place for this stuff, but while I’m here. Yes, sick days are included on the paystubs if that’s what you want to do. You can turn them off if you like as well.

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