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Curtis McLean and Deloitte – beautiful together

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Rod Drury
Posted by Rod Drury

Congratulations to Xero partners Curtis McLean and Deloitte Private for the merger announced this week.

Curtis Mclean, who have about 40 staff in Wellington, are a leader in moving to the cloud and helping customers make the transition. Being based in Wellington where our HQ is we’ve had a very close relationship. They are at the forefront of the shift – from compliance and business advisory services to helping clients with technology – and exploiting the huge ecosystem of software that can help them. They surprised us in a very happy way in August with their decision to send their entire team to the next Xerocon!

Curtis McLean

Now they’ve merged with Deloitte Private, which of course is part of the big global Deloitte brand and which have a very similar approach to Curtis McLean. The Deloitte relationship with Xero really took off back in late 2010/early 2011 when two partners came on board with Xero-active practices.

Thomas Pippos, Deloitte NZ CEO, says Xero played a material part in the decision to merge. “Our common view about Xero, and the benefits to clients from using Xero, and technology and the cloud more generally, meant that Deloitte and Curtis McLean already shared a common language, which played a part in the realization that our clients would be better served if the two firms merged.”

Curtis McLean’s Paul Pettit says “The efficiency that Xero has given us has helped us become the number one Xero provider of accounting services in Wellington. Now with this merger it’s very exciting that not only will we be able to look after our existing clients but as clients grow we’ll have the support from Deloitte Private to help them in other cities in NZ and other countries internationally.”

Deloitte are working independently with Xero in Australia as well. Back In April we announced their decision to offer Xero for Small Business accounting in Australia.

Deloitte Private looks after small & medium business

While Deloitte is typically working with larger clients, Deloitte Private was set up to look after small and medium business, bringing together all their resources that were focused on this market and building from there. The target for them has been businesses that are growing, where they can bring their professional services to bear and their global connections.

Deloitte’s strategy is to build out a very capable SME-focused operation with a focus on cloud technology. They merged with consultancy Hulton Patchell in Rotorua this year and have purchased a couple of IT companies. They needed a bigger base in Wellington and with Curtis McLean they got it.

With Deloitte’s national and global reach it has to be a win-win for all and while the Curtis Mclean name will eventually go, we’re sure the energy and enthusiasm of the team that we know so well will have a big impact on the bigger practice for years to come.



Gayle Buchanan
November 21, 2013 at 3.34 pm

High 5, congratulations Curtis McLean – truely awesome

Denis Breen
November 22, 2013 at 2.25 am

Well done guys. Just shows how valuable the Xero aligned strategy is for the accounting firms.

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