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Switching from QuickBooks now as easy as an email

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Ian Vacin
Posted by Ian Vacin

A month ago in Chicago I was fortunate to attend a cloud conference for a future add-on. As the representatives demonstrated how to move the data from QuickBooks into their solution, it was clear how painful it was – multiple steps, saving of files, finding files, backup required, and validation of the integrity of the systems after importing the data. In contrast, when they demoed the integration (in beta) with Xero, it was simple, smooth and – well – worked as expected. Night and day difference.

As a follow-up, I took the stage, talked about Xero and fielded questions from the crowd. Like most conferences and other speaking events I attend, the first question was, “This is great, I have been waiting for an alternative to QuickBooks and I love your product. But can you migrate my data from QuickBooks to Xero?”. People leaned forward… the room got quiet… and I responded, “Yes. Yes we can. You provide your QuickBooks file, and we’ll provide you a Xero organization with all your data in it.” The huge applause from the audience, to be honest, felt pretty good. (Note: We are talking Quickbooks US only)

QuickBooks conversion has always been regarded as something hard, complicated and almost impossible to do. In July Gene Marks wrote in a Forbes article that “No one’s figured out migration. They may talk a good game, but none of these vendors have really come up with a seamless way to migrate data from your old system to theirs.” Well, Gene we’ve done it and we are working on making it easier and easier every day.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 11.46.32 AMAs you might have heard last week in the US press, we announced the release of Xero’s free QuickBooks conversion service. No more manually entering in conversion balances. No more recreation of transactions. No more confusion regarding conversion balance dates – just provide us a file and we’ll do all the rest. It is something that the industry has been waiting for, deemed by some as the last barrier to elevating Xero as THE alternative to Intuit’s QuickBooks in the US.

But what products, versions and data do you support?

Xero’s QuickBooks conversion service can support virtually most QuickBooks using small businesses in the US. Those products include:

  • QuickBooks for Windows (version 2007+)
  • QuickBooks for Mac (version 2007+)
  • QuickBooks Online

Currently we do not support QuickBooks Enterprise, but don’t worry, we’re looking into it. In terms of what data we migrate, we handle almost everything (classes are an example of something that we don’t today but again working towards). Data migration includes:

  • Chart of accounts
  • Company details
  • Contact and items
  • Fixed assets
  • Invoices and bills
  • Invoices & bill payments
  • Bank spend & receive items
  • Journals

The new conversion service is only for the US market for QuickBooks US products (sorry Canada!). If you are needing assistance in conversions for other QuickBooks versions/markets, or for other products, please check out our great conversion partners.

Lastly, the free Xero QuickBooks Conversion Service will migrate your QuickBooks data for your current plus prior fiscal year. This allows you to be completely up-to-date on your current fiscal year and have the necessary data to compare to your prior fiscal.

When doing a migration, it might be a good time to do a bit of spring cleaning. With the QuickBooks conversion, you might want to clean out the workarounds you were forced to use and prep your company file to support your new envisioned processes and workflow with Xero. If you are a small business, talk to your accounting professional to help you with the spring cleaning.

To use the service, email us at to get started (or go to our website to learn more). After we receive your email, we’ll ask you to provide us a few details including your subscriber details and your QuickBooks file specifics. We’ll instruct you on how to transfer the file, sit back, relax and we’ll invite you into your Xero organization in as little as 2 hours and up to three business days (it depends on the current load within the conversion service).


Gayle Buchanan
October 18, 2013 at 6.10 pm

Fabulous leg up for all newbies in the US, grab it with both hands and don’t look back, we are doing this manually in NZ & AUS.
Nice move Xero

CM Bookkeeping
October 18, 2013 at 10.53 pm

From the above, this conversion service is not available in UK – is UK availability on the Xero roadmap at all for any time soon ?

October 19, 2013 at 6.00 am

Awesome to see the conversion tool out of Beta. All the clients we converted during testing have loved the move to Xero.

October 21, 2013 at 10.45 am

Any chance of offering this as a paid service in AUS? Nobody here does it.

October 21, 2013 at 12.16 pm

Agree with James – need this in Australia

Ian Vacin
October 25, 2013 at 9.23 am

CM Bookkeeping and Derek, the conversion service is not available for non-US QuickBooks versions. QuickBooks is different not only between Windows, Mac and Online, but also between US and global versions. At this time, we have tackled the US versions and will be looking at expanding. However, we don’t have a timeframe on when we will be able to support the QuickBooks AUS/UK versions. More to come. I’ll update the blog when we have that sorted. Most likely, we would be tackling AUS first and UK second. However, unlike the UK, the AUS market requires support of QuickBooks Enterprise and thus we might support that first in the US before focusing outside the US.

Kaye Alderman
January 15, 2014 at 8.21 am

If the conversion is a free service as stipulated above for the current and previous fiscal year, can you do the same for data on prior years for a fee? If so, what is the fee?

justin mcloughlin
February 5, 2014 at 5.18 am

Hi, is there an update on QB Enterprise (US) to Xero migration support?

Peter Wen
February 8, 2014 at 11.33 am

If you are a Xero partner, please contact your Account Manager and let them know about your interest in QB Enterprise, specifically.

June 6, 2014 at 3.51 pm

@Ian Vacin: are you planning to make this conversion service available for users of Reckon Accounts Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Premium in New Zealand? And if so, do you have an eta?

June 9, 2016 at 11.10 pm

As soon as it is available to convert from quickbooks online global or Australian version, then I will join Xero… Till then I appear to be stuck in qbo limbo.

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