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Microsoft Office integration with Practice Manager

From today, accountants and bookkeepers can use the Microsoft Office 365 document management solution (SharePoint) and Practice Manager together seamlessly. The integration by The Full Suite gives our Partners commoditized, cloud-based document management on the Microsoft platform they’re used to.

The integration with Office 365 and Sharepoint is achieved using The Full Suite’s SuiteFiles web application. SuiteFiles lets documents created in Office 365 automatically include client information from Xero Practice Manager saving accountants hours per week and ensuring documents are more accurate. Client documents such as contracts, images and spreadsheets relevant to a project or job can be accessed directly from SuiteFiles.

Practice Manager and Microsoft Office integration

This two-way integration between Office 365 and Practice Manager adds to the existing integrations with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Today’s launch of SuiteFiles is the first in a number of steps towards creating a closer relationship between full-blown document management and Practice Manager. Future steps include integration with our recent Files feature to share access to documents clients may have attached in Xero, as well introducing a content platform that provides access to compliance and business process content providers.

Migrating documents to the cloud has historically been a hurdle but The Full Suite have thought of that too with their appropriately named migration tool – SuiteMoves. One of the beta group migrations for SuiteMoves took a practice with 80,000 documents on their file server and moved it to the cloud in 16 hours with only 8 files requiring manual intervention. That’s pretty cool – with two clicks on a Friday, you could start work in the cloud on Monday and throw the file server out the window.

Migrating your entire practice into the cloud is a considered decision. Our Sales and Enablement Teams have years of experience in best practice migration and change management processes, so get in touch with your Account Manager to talk through the right approach for your firm.


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30 October 2013 #


Melissa Johnson
30 October 2013 #

We’re loving SuiteFiles & this makes it great for any Xero practice.

Mike Block CPA
31 October 2013 #

Here is what I just sent my Leslie Riggs, my outstanding Florida sales rep.

I have been dying for Practice Manager since Xerocon US. The Practice Manager session was so good that I stayed for an extra day mainly to see it again. I even offered Ian $500, for himself or Xero, to get me in the beta.

That is why we now use Workflow Max intensely. I told all staff (Florida, Texas, Arkansas, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines) that they could now only work according to WFM templates. After some paid watching of the top WFM videos, we had some shared Skype or sessions. They now add anything missing from Job templates with a * at the end, so we can consider adding it to the lead 0 templates now used as Admin masters. We also began quickly adding old instructions and checklists to the masters, minimizing the need to detail many things repeatedly. Finally, I now only review work based on satisfactory job templates.

The Microsoft Word integration means still more. When can I get any part of this, even in beta?

Richard Phillips
31 October 2013 #

@Mike the SuiteFiles product is live so I’d suggest checking out their site at for more info and signup or there’s a bit more info over at

Andrew Sims
31 October 2013 #

@Mike – you can contact me directly – and we can help get you setup to make the most of this.

If anyone is looking for help on how to set the integration up you can get it here

Sylvie Eymin
19 November 2013 #

looks good following the presentation at the roadshow yesterday in wellington NZ

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